Future Man’s Season 2 Takes On a New Future

by Transmute Jun

Josh Hutcherson (Josh)

Future Man was a surprise hit for Hulu last year, quickly generating a cult following amongst those who had seen the show. Few could resist the quirky humor and addictive character development of the series based upon ridding the world of Biotics and ‘fixing’ the future from which characters Tiger and Wolf came. At the end of season 1, Josh managed to take out the Kronish Tower, along with all of Elias Kronish’s research, saving the future from Biotics… or so he thought.

Naturally, to pave the way for a season 2, the trio of Josh, Tiger and Wolf were not entirely successful in their quest. The Biotics survived, but in the form of Biotechs. The future of 2162 has changed, possibly for the better, but is far from the Utopian existence Tiger and Wolf envisioned. Once again, it is up to Josh, Tiger and Wolf to save the future. While on the surface, season 2 starts out with a similar plot hook as season 1, things move quickly into new territory. Josh, Tiger and Wolf head off in different directions, each of them facing their own situations and challenges, struggling to determine what is right and how to fix the future.

Josh (played by Josh Hutcherson) is once again at the low end of the totem pole in a society that is rougher and less ‘civilized’ than the world he knows. Despite being hailed as a ‘hero’, he is still a nerd, and hasn’t magically developed abilities because of this label. Josh remains about as effective as the average comic con attendee, which is one of the character’s charms. Despite this, Hutcherson describes Josh as having strengths, namely, his determination to do the right thing, and his extensive knowledge of pop culture, which can (at times) help him adapt to the things he encounters in time travel. Hutcherson also reveals that in season 2, Josh spends about 70% of his time restrained in some fashion, and is separated for much of the time from Tiger and Wolf. As such, his closest companion this season is actually a robotic dog.

Eliza Coupe (Tiger)

Tiger (played by Eliza Coupe) is struggling with the knowledge that she is actually a Biotic herself. Early on in season 2, she discovers the devastating consequences of that, and how it has impacted her time of 2162. Coupe describes Tiger’s status as a Biotic as devastating for her relationship with Wolf. Coming back from this reveal will be tough for them. For much of the season, Tiger is involved with Stu Camilo (played by Haley Joel Osment), with whom she went on a date in Season 1. The date affected Stu profoundly, especially as Tiger left him a note, telling him not to go to the Kronish Tower on the day that Josh was bombing the building. This has a significant effect on the future, and on Tiger’s relationship with Stu, as well as an alternate version of 2162 Tiger. Coupe states that she enjoyed playing multiple versions of herself, and especially loved the high voice she used when playing Tiger’s alternate self, since it is so different from her usual, deeper voice.

Derek Wilson (Wolf)

Wolf (played by Derek Wilson) became a fan-favorite in season 1, adapting to the many different situations in which he found himself, including an obsession with Corey Hart and becoming a celebrity chef. Yet Wilson says that his most fun moments playing Wolf come in this new season, where Wolf discovers what it really means to love other people (as opposed to loving the AI of James Cameron’s house). In the new season, the alternate 2162 Wolf has a family, which our Wolf fully embraces with the zest for life that fans enjoyed in season 1. Wilson describes Wolf as no longer being a compulsive warrior, as he was at the beginning of the series. When he finds something surprising to him, he goes all the way to follow it as much as he can.

Cast and producers of Future Man

Season 2 of Future Man is different from season 1 in that it takes place almost entirely in 2162, lacking the time travel element of the first season. Yet this allows the characters to develop, as they see the long-term effects of their actions on the future and have to deal with this new situation. Season 2 is expected to be released by Hulu on January 11, 2019.

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