ECCC Partners with Lyte for Badge Resales

by Transmute Jun

Fans of Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) know that badges have been selling out faster and faster every year. The recent badge sale for the 2019 show (to be held March 14-17, 2019) resulted in 4 day badges being sold out within 20 minutes, with Saturday badges selling out just a few days later. Right now, only single day badges for Thursday, Friday and Sunday are available for next year’s convention. Long-time attendees, particularly those who are local to Seattle, WA, where the convention is located, have been becoming more and more frustrated with the scarcity of badges. This scarcity has only been made more complicated by the fact that, until now, official ReedPop policy has been that there were no refunds on purchased badges, and that badges were not transferable.

However, while ECCC is a big con, it is not the size of San Diego or New York Comic Cons, and as such there has as yet been no personalization of badges through printed names or RFID technology. It has been very easy to pass a badge (which ultimately, is just a piece of plastic) from one person to another, and as such, it is common to see scalpers boldly selling badges right in front of the doors to the convention center on all days of ECCC, displaying handfuls of badges to any passersby. Obviously, these people have been doing a brisk business, because there have always been a lot of them, and they return year after year.

In response to this issue, ReedPop recently announced their partnership with Lyte, a ticket resale company, to allow legitimate returns and resales of ECCC badges for the 2019 convention. Not only does this allow a safe, legitimate path for people who cannot come to the convention to resell their badges, but it brings added convenience and security to those who wish to purchase badges after sellout. Best of all, those who purchase badges through Lyte before January 25 will be able to have their badges mailed to them in advance of the convention, just as if they had purchased their badges in the original sale. Even if there are currently no badges available, fans who wish to purchase badges can put in a reservation request on Lyte’s website, and will be notified when their desired badge type comes available. Anyone interested in reselling or purchasing a badge for ECCC 2019 can do so on Lyte’s website.

Hopefully, this move will reduce the number of scalpers outside the convention center next March, and more deserving fans will be able to acquire a ticket to the Pacific Northwest’s biggest con at a lower price. ReedPop should be commended for attempting to tackle the scalper problem in a way that helps, rather than hinders, fans.

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Transmute Jun

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