SDCC Open Registration: Slow and Steady

by Transmute Jun

Open registration for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2019 was held on the morning of Saturday, November 10, the earliest date ever for this sale. As usual for the past few years, fans were able to enter the waiting room starting at 8:00 am Pacific time. At 9:00 am, the people in the waiting room were sorted into groups, and people were let into the buying screen starting at about 9:07 am.

During returning registration in October, it seemed that badges were selling out faster than usual, leading some to speculate that there were fewer badges allocated for that sale this year. While Comic Con International (CCI) has never stated exact numbers, it was generally assumed in past years that approximately 50% of badges were made available for returning registration and 50% for open registration. This was supported by the badge sellout times, which were similar for both sales. However this year, badge sellout times for returning registration were much earlier than for open registration, supporting the theory that more than 50% of the badges were held back for the general sale. It is possible that this change was made due to added interest in SDCC for 2019, because it is the 50th event, or perhaps it is a permanent change. As usual, CCI is not confirming anything regarding specific numbers.

Badge sellout times for returning and open registration were:

Preview Night – 9:20 am (returning registration) – 9:29 am (open registration)

Saturday – 9:41 am (returning registration) – 9:42 am (open registration)

Friday – 9:41 am (returning registration) – 9:48 am (open registration)

Thursday – 9:48 am (returning registration) – 10:08 am (open registration)

Sunday – 9:52 am (returning registration) – 10:13 am (open registration)

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Transmute Jun

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