Midnight, Texas Season 2 – To Witch Hell and Back

By Miclpea
***SPOILER ALERT*** – Do not read if you have not seen Episode 203 of Midnight, Texas
Directed by Rob J. Greenlea, Written by Turi Meyer and Alfredo Septién

The title of this episode, “To Witch Hell and Back,” refers to a journey that Manfred (François Arnaud) makes on behalf of Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) to discover what force is causing the “accidents” that are trying to kill Bobo (Dylan Bruce). This episode continues the momentum from the first two episodes and adds even more excitement as well as bittersweet moments. Let’s start with a quick recap of the episode.

  • Bobo is almost killed when he slips in the shower.
  • Fiji’s coven identifies her as the cause of Bobo’s “accidents.”
  • Manfred trades places with Fiji’s Aunt Mildred (Bellina Logan) in witch Hell.
  • Fiji’s family has a dark curse on them, which is the cause of Bobo’s “accidents.”
  • Rev’s (Yul Vasquez) backstory is revealed before he leaves Midnight and his curse. Kai has taken away his were-ability.
  • Joe (Jason Lewis) goes with Walker Chisum (Josh Kelly) on a demon hunt.
  • There is a spark of romance between Manfred and Patience (Jaime Ray Newman).
  • Madonna Reed (Kellee Stewart), in what appears to be an accident, secures a blood sample from Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) for Olivia’s father.

What does all of this mean?

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “To Witch Hell and Back” Episode 203 — Pictured: François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: NBC)

Clearly, Charmelo and Snyder, the showrunners, are taking the series in a much darker and more dramatic direction. The scenes where the coven identifies Fiji as the cause of Bobo’s “accidents” and Manfred’s visit to witch Hell are reminiscent of old horror movies. There are the witches with clouded eyes who see the truth. Manfred’s journey into the witch Hell, a place where if he is touched, he will be cursed to stay there forever. Fiji learns that her love for Bobo is cursed because of an ancient black magic curse.

The writers set the viewers up perfectly for this, as Fiji and Bobo are a beautiful, loving couple who waited so long to be happy. However, as in all great love stories, they are cursed never to be happy together. Instead of telling Bobo what she learned from her aunt, Fiji lies to Bobo about why they cannot be together. As every viewer knows, lies always end in tragedy. As Bobo and Fiji’s love story begins to fade, other new and forbidden ones begin to develop.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “To Witch Hell and Back” Episode 203 — Pictured: Dylan Bruce as Bobo — (Photo by: NBC)

In Kai’s absence, Patience takes an interest in Manfred. Manfred, who misses Cree, finds himself drawn to Patience. Although they do not overtly act on their attraction, the interest is mutual. But again, who believes that this will end well? Arnaud told the press table at SDCC that viewers can count on Manfred to make bad choices, and an affair with Patience will be a bad choice. After all, her husband has the ability to remove Manfred’s supernatural ability. If one considers that Manfred wants to keep his ability, he probably should squash this romance before it starts. Since it is Midnight, I think we can count on Manfred to make the wrong choice. However, Manfred is not the only person who might become involved in an illicit love affair.

Joe (without telling Chuy) decides to go on a demon hunting mission with Walker. Viewers see Joe is in his element as he fights the demons and they can see why he is such a fabled demon slayer. After the fight, as Joe and Walker wash away the blood, the attraction between the two of them becomes more apparent but Joe leaves before they reach the point of no return.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “To Witch Hell and Back” Episode 203 — Pictured: Jason Lewis as Joe — (Photo by: NBC)

Yes, Walker represents the forbidden fruit for Joe. He brings back the excitement and danger that Joe remembers as one of the great demon hunters of all time. As an angel designed to defeat demons, Joe was not built for marital bliss. Joe has to answer the quintessential question of free choice here. Does he decide to go against his programming and live with the love of his life, or does he give in to his innate nature and kill demons? Each choice has its own pitfalls.

One person in Midnight, who has already made his choice, is Rev, who has decided to give up his supernatural powers. In a very poignant backstory, viewers learn how Rev came to Midnight. The backstory also gives the reason why Rev gives up his supernatural ability and leaves Midnight. Rev is the moral compass of Midnight. In many ways, his leaving the town is a harbinger of things to come. One example of this is Madonna Reed.

Viewers know from last season that Madonna is in Midnight to spy on Olivia for her father. Apparently, she needs to secure a sample of Olivia’s blood for Olivia’s father. Why he wants the blood has not been revealed but clearly it can only be for nefarious reasons. If one notices the amount of subterfuge that Olivia’s father used to secure this blood sample, there can be no other reasonable conclusion other than one that is nefarious.

The stage is set for the major conflicts. Will the forbidden loves affairs be consummated and the subsequent fallout destroy the town? What about Fiji and Bobo? Can they just walk away from their love? And let’s not forget the severed head in Kai’s office. When has a severed, supernatural head ever been a good thing (other than Nathan Fillion in Santa Clarita Diet)? Why does Olivia’s father want a sample of her blood? There are so many questions that need to be answered, but, as I have said previously, watch and you will not be disappointed. They have only started, so fasten your seatbelts. Charmelo and Snyder have promised a ride worth taking.


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