FoCC Review: Midnight, Texas Season 2 – No More Mr. Nice Kai

By Miclpea
***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read if you have not seen Episode 206 of Midnight, Texas
Directed by PJ Pesce, Written for Television by Dierdre Mangan

This episode has a monster of the week who is, in many ways, the scariest monster of the people of Midnight have ever faced. The monster appears to be a young, innocent, pizza delivery man but he is, in fact, a Trickster (Adam Langdon). There is a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear that totally exemplifies this demi-god, “As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.” The Trickster takes this saying to heart and plays with the inhabitants of Midnight, with disastrous results for them. Through deception and misdirection, he brings the inhabitants of Midnight to a killing frenzy, which leaves one person dead. Here is a recap of what happened during this episode.

  • Creek returns after she receives what she believes to be a desperate plea from Manfred.
  • In order to embrace the dark side, Fiji slices open her chest and cuts out her butterfly, which represents her goodness.
  • The Trickster leaves multiple bogus voicemails and texts: one reveals the illicit affair between Manfred and Patience to Kai. A text leads to Joe and Walker having an affair. One voicemail points Walker at Chuy as a demon to kill.
  • Fiji learns what the Trickster is doing but she does not warn the Midnighters since she no longer cares about them.
  • Manfred and Joe discover that the disembodied head is still alive!
  • Len regains his powers.
  • Creek dies and Manfred is sure that Kai is responsible.
MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “No More Mr. Nice Kai” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaime Ray Newman as Patience, François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Creek’s return is the first piece in the Trickster’s wicked puzzle. The Trickster, by using current phone technology and his ability to mimic any voice, has set into motion conflict among the Midnighters. It would be easy to place all of the blame on the Trickster for the bad things that happen but he just exposes the secrets and hidden underlying feelings of the Midnighters that already exist.

The Trickster plans his efforts perfectly so that Creek walks in just as Patience and Manfred are kissing. This leads to an awkward confrontation between Creek and Manfred, who clearly still care about each other. This drama and conflict are what titillates the Trickster. He did not make Patience and Manfred have an illicit affair, but he certainly exploited it for his own amusement.

Next, the Trickster sends a bogus message to Walker that brings Joe and the demon hunter together. This sets the stage for Walker to reveal, in an emotional scene, why he is a demon hunter. By making himself vulnerable, Walker reaches out to Joe. Their underlying feelings for each other and their passion for demon-killing drive Joe and Walker into each other’s arms. The Trickster is not done.

The Trickster leaves a message on Kai’s phone using Patience’s voice. In the message, Patience talks about needing Manfred. This message exposes their affair, even though Patience did not leave it. Again, it is her illicit affair that is the real issue, not who left the message.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “No More Mr. Nice Kai” Episode 206 — Pictured: Bernardo Saracino as Chuy — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

The final nail in the coffin is when the Trickster sends Walker after Chuy. If Joe had brought Walker home and introduced Chuy instead of hiding this part of his life from Walker, the subsequent feeling of betrayal that Chuy felt would not have happened. Walker would not have gone hunting for Chuy as a rogue demon in town. Also, Chuy would not have reverted to his demon self and tried to kill Walker. The Trickster reveals how fragile the lives are in Midnight with all of the lies and deception. However, he is not responsible for one of the most surprising, and potentially the most devastating, events in Midnight.

Fiji makes the commitment to being a dark witch by pledging herself to Theophilus and cutting out her butterfly, which is her goodness. The unintended consequence is that Fiji no longer cares about anyone in Midnight. She discovers who the pizza boy really is but tells no one. In fact, she watches with glee as the tragedies unfold and Chuy almost kills Walker. The dark side has totally seduced her.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “No More Mr. Nice Kai” Episode 206 — Pictured: Parisa Fitz Henley as Fiji — (Photo by: NBC)

To a certain point, Fiji can be forgiven for making this bad decision, since she wants to save Bobo. But it is the dark side and she knows the consequences of going there. She rationalized the decision but clearly, the power of being a dark witch seduced her as she tells Bobo that it “excited her.” Now, she no longer cares about anyone at all, even Bobo. In trying to save Bobo, she lost him and herself.

One character does die in this episode: Creek. It happens at the end, so it is not clear how she died or who murdered her. Her ghost is consumed by flames before she can reveal to Manfred who murdered her. Her death is one of the last pieces of the puzzle as the series heads towards its season finale. Manfred believes that Kai is responsible for her death but his reasoning is suspect. Manfred wants to believe that Kai is a bad person but his beliefs are clouded by his feelings for Patience. Also, how many good people keep disembodied heads hidden in their walls? But the reality is that Kai has done nothing wrong except to lie to Lem about returning his powers. Even this is not certain, as it appears that Kai is sincere when he told Lem that the removal of his powers is a one-way street.

There are so many questions that need to be answered as Midnight, Texas rushes towards its finale. Is Kai good or evil? What about Chuy and Joe? Can Joe restore Chuy’s trust in him? Is there any way to bring Fiji back from the dark side? Who killed Creek? What is the story with the disembodied head? If it is alive, what is it? Viewers will have to stay tuned to find out the answers, but they should not be surprised if they are wrong. Charmelo and Snyder have a few more tricks up their sleeves before the finale. Do not miss next week’s episode, it will reveal so much!


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