The Magicians Return Wednesday! Series recap

by Alyssa

******Major Spoilers from previous seasons******

With the abundance of quality TV and the limited time we all have for watching a series, it can be difficult making the time for an additional show especially if you missed the first 3 seasons. However, The Magicians, returning Jan 23rd for it’s 4th season, is worth it. While there is a lot of backstory and groundwork in the first 3 seasons of The Magicians, however it is possible to jump into the series at the beginning of season 4. Read on for a short recap of the first 3 seasons.

****Spoilers, Series recap ahead****
Enough warnings? Good, lets get on with it

After season one, it was clear that The Magicians was set in a grown up world of Magic with a capital M. The season ending was brutal, rivaling, in this author’s mind, the viciousness of Game of Thrones “Red Wedding”. Season 2 did not back off from the adult themes as it addressed the brutal, graphic rape of a main character and the loss of magic.

Season 3 involved a season-long quest to find 7 keys, in an effort to bring magic back into the world. Then, just when it looked as though magic was restored, it was diverted into the control of the Librarian. As the below linked trailer shows, season 4 has an Orwellian 1984 feel as a result of the Library’s control of magic. The overall plot line, according to the show-runners, sets up parallels to the current American political climate and grapples with issues of large population control. On the more character-driven level, the team has lost their memories and viewers are introduced to the evil, body-jumping monster inhabiting the always enjoyable character, Eliot. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 13 weeks.

Do yourself a favor and put this show on your ‘must watch’ list. While you can start watching the series by jumping into season 4, since it is a ‘real world, messed up’ character and plot driven show, if possible it is recommended to start watching from the beginning. Like other complicated, nuanced series, it is difficult to start watching and get the full experience. However for those who do not have time to work through the first 3 seasons, episode 1 of season 4 on Wednesday could be a good jumping in spot for the promised thought provoking and crazy good ride.

The past seasons are available to watch on Netflix, to buy on Amazon, and may also be available through cable companies’ on-demand services.
Here is the teaser trailer for season 4.


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