Cloak & Dagger at WonderCon

By Scott C.

At WonderCon 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Cloak & Dagger press room featuring Olivia Holt (Tandy/Dagger), Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone/Cloak), Emma Lahana (Brigid/Mayhem); Jeph Loeb (the executive producer/head of Marvel Television), and Joe Pokaski (the executive producer/showrunner) in a series of roundtable interviews. They were there to promote the show’s upcoming second season, which is currently airing on Freeform.

Lahana said that season two was a lot more “physical” than season one when it comes to training, and even stated that she got an injury because of it. Yet she did not say what type of injury she sustained. Her training, meanwhile, included gun training and Krav Maga (a mixed-martial art/self-defense practice that combines many techniques, such as aikido, jujitsu, boxing, and judo), which she did a for a month. Lahana is a fan of Krav Maga due to its intensity and how cool it is to learn.

Emma Lahana. Photo Credit: Barbara Henderson Picture Stock/PR Photos.

She also stated that Brigid will be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in future episodes, which is not surprising to hear because (spoiler alert) Connors (J.D. Evermore) did try to kill Brigid, who was left for dead in a river. But thanks to certain circumstances, fans were able to watch the birth of Mayhem. According to the actress, viewers will see a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde type relationship between Brigid and Mayhem. After watching the last five episodes of season two, I do see that connection (especially in the third episode) so I cannot wait to see where this storyline goes. (As a reminder, Mayhem and O’Reilly are not one person, but two separate people.)

Do note that Mayhem is a vigilante and likes to operate in that grey area of saving people, as well as getting revenge. According to Fandom, Mayhem has enhanced strength and speed, while also having sharp green nails. She is also good with guns, so watch out!

Pokaski was asked how long it has been since the events of last season, to which he replied that it has been eight months. Pokaski also stated that he wants to flush out a few season one storylines, as well as tackle new ones that fans should be happy to see. He was glad that the “training wheels” were off for him and the crew, which meant that they were able to tackle new storylines aggressively, regardless of a tight budget. And so far, I believe that you can tell the difference between now and season one, but do not fret, I won’t spoil anything. I want you, the fans, to enjoy twist and turns of season two. However, Pokaski did hint at an emotional eighth episode, so get ready for it.

Pokaski then stated that he was thrilled to finally introduce Mayhem to the show and that (if it ever becomes possible) he would love to see Spider-Man team-up with Cloak and Dagger. He’s a big Spidey fan and he sees all three characters as being ‘cousins’ in the MCU. They are all young superheroes who are still trying to have a normal life. (It should be noted that the first appearance of Cloak and Dagger was in 1982’s Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64 comic book. They also played an important role in the 1993 Maximum Carnage crossover arc.)

Joe Pokaski. Photo Credit: Barbara Henderson Picture Stock/PR Photos.

Loeb began by saying that Cloak and Dagger were not born to stop aliens or bank robbers only, their purpose is to save the helpless as well as to help each other grow as superheroes. So far, the key players are doing just that this season and last.

Loeb then pointed out that Mayhem is going to a problem for Cloak and Dagger (mainly, that they do not agree with her ways of fighting crime) and that outstanding questions from season one will be answered, to which Pokaski also alluded. Loeb did say that the “unpredictable weather” in New Orleans made it difficult to complete filming at times. But the cast and crew love being at that location, regardless of the situation.

Holt and Joseph were asked how easy it was to step back into playing Cloak and Dagger. Both replied that it was like the second year of school, so it was no problem at all. (Basically, both love knowing that their characters are better in understanding their powers, while tackling new plot lines.) At for season two, viewers will see our two young heroes trying to have a life by trying something new, while fighting crime.

Holt said that this season will tackle human trafficking, and so far, season two has done just that, just as the show has dealt with PTSD, drug use, and abusive relationships, which Tandy’s mom experienced in the past. Of course, the actors did not say much of season two; they were trying to stay vague as much of possible.

Aubrey Joseph. Photo Credit: Barbara Henderson Picture Stock/PR Photos.

Luckily, viewers are multiple episodes into the second season now, and I must say, I am enjoying the pacing of this season so far. The action, camera work, music, plot, character development, and acting has been solid. I also like how certain scenes sometimes remind me of FX’s Legion, of which I am also a fan. Of course, Mayhem has been bloody cool to watch, yet I am curious to see if this season will mention any of the fallout from Avengers: Infinity War, such as (spoiler alert) half of the world getting dusted. Although the Marvel TV shows tend to stay away from or barely mention anything from the movies nowadays, I can still hope!

Olivia Holt. Photo Credit: Barbara Henderson Picture Stock/PR Photos.

Regardless, it is the fans that keep the show going. As Loeb said during WonderCon, “The fanbase is passionate … they legitimately care about Ty and Tandy.” Indeed they do, thanks to the excellent work done by the cast and crew. Fans were able to personally witness that dedication after seeing these guests at WonderCon. This series has something good going on, and the fans know it like I do.

Season two is currently airing on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on Freeform. Of course, don’t forget to visit the FoCC forum.

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