Next Week in TV 6/23: The Return of FX’s Legion!

By Scott, DRWHO42, Alyssa

Alright TV fans, it’s time to get ready for another jammed-packed week.

BBC America’s Luther concludes its short and fifth season this week. Fans can watch Idris Elba (John Luther) bring the fight to the enemy once more when episode four airs tonight (Sunday, June 23rd) at 8 p.m. ET. The blog doesn’t think that Elba will need to cancel any apocalypse anytime soon.

Also airing at 8 p.m. ET, but on Starz, will be the first season finale of The Spanish Princess. Fans of the show shouldn’t worry about this season being it for the series, because eight more episodes were ordered by Starz recently, which will conclude the Catherine of Aragon story.

Want to watch something that has zombies and illegal street racing? Then how about trying Spectrum’s new show called Curfew, which stars Sean Bean, Adam Brody, Billy Zane, Miranda Richardson, and Adrian Lester. Yes, Eddard Stark (Bean) and the Phantom (Zane) will be teaming up in this one, and many can watch the series debut of Curfew on Monday morning (June 24th).

FX’s Legion is back for another ‘weird’ run, yet this upcoming third season will be the last for the series. The episode titled “Chapter 20” will get things going this Monday night (June 24th) at 10 p.m. ET, but let’s just hope the show’s ending will be a good one. Although with Professor Charles Xavier (played by Harry Lloyd) being introduce this season, which should please many Professor X fans out there, it may be a sign that the showrunners may have gone all out for season three. They have done a superb job in creating a highly entertaining show so far.

For Siren fans, Freeform will be airing a new episode this week (Thursday, June 27th), but at a different time (9:01 p.m. ET).

Anime fans everywhere should know that 7seeds is debuting on Netflix this Friday morning (June 28th). In it, Shy Natsu awakens as “part of a group chosen to ensure the survival of humanity … Together, they have to survive on a changed Earth.”

Have something to say about next week’s TV schedule? If you do then head over to the FoCC Forums to join the conversation. Also don’t forget to look at the new TV listing, as well as our TV picks, which are located below.

DRWHO42’s picks:
New: NOS4A2, Luther, Handsmaid Tale, Designated Survivor
On-going: The 100, iZombie, Killing Eve, Sabrina, Ultraman, Hanna
Binge / Stack: Hawaii 5-0, Elementary, Voltron, Supernatural, iZombie, Lost in Space & Strike Back (finished and re-watching the greatness)

Mario Wario’s picks:
New: Legion.
On-going: Krypton, Fear The Walking Dead, Luther, iZombie, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Dragon Ball Super (Dub).
Binge / Stack: The Umbrella Academy, The Tick, The Hot Zone, Good Omens, and Swamp Thing.

Alyssa’s picks for Over-The-Air (OTA), HULU and Amazon Prime:
OTA Watching: Jamestown, Woman’s World Cup Soccer! Go USA Women!
Stream: Handmaid’s Tale, Good Omens.

Editor’s note: all times listed below are Eastern and Nerd/Geek interest are highlighted in PINK. Tuesday was skipped due to the lack of Nerd/Geek interest shows.

Sunday, June 23, 2019
6:00 pm
HBO Axios: Episode 8 [2nd Season Summer Finale]
8:00 pm
BBCA Luther: Episode 4 [5th Season Finale]
STARZ The Spanish Princess: Destiny [1st Season Finale]
9:00 pm
EPIX Deep State: A Dead Man’s Machine [2nd Season Finale]
9:30 pm
STARZ Vida: Episode 16 [2nd Season Finale]

Monday, June 24, 2019
3:01 am
SPECTRUM Curfew [Complete First Season / Series Premiere]

A group of amateur drivers from all over the world compete in an illegal night-time street race. Earth is overwhelmed by an unstoppable virus of unknown origin … a totalitarian government imposes a curfew in which anyone caught out between 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. will be put into quarantine. A few lucky group are offered the opportunity to compete in an illegal 1000 km street race … the ultimate prize: sanctuary. Stars Sean Bean, Adam Brody, Billy Zane, Adrian Lester and Miranda Richardson. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Forest of Piano [Complete Second Season Premiere]
12:00 pm
FOX Sports 1 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup – Round of 16 Matchup: Spain vs. United States
9:00 pm
HBO Years and Years: Episode 1 [Series Premiere]

As society changes at an ever-increasing pace, the Lyons family experiences everything we hope for in the future, and everything we fear. Click here for more information.

10:00 pm
FX Legion: Chapter 20 [3rd Season Premiere]
11:30 pm
ADULT SWIM Final Space: The Torra Regata [2nd Season Premiere]

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
3:01 am
YOUTUBE Stonewall Outloud [Special Presentation]

Thursday, June 27, 2019
3:01 am
NETFLIX Answer for Heaven [Special Presentation]

An angel falls to earth to investigate why humans are doing fewer good deeds — and falls in with a hard-charging crime reporter and his news team. Click here for more information.

9:00 pm
THE CW In the Dark: It’s Always Been You [1st Season Finale]
9:01 pm
CBS Life in Pieces: Cabana Hero Action Son [New Episode – Special Time]
FREEFORM Siren: Serenity [New Episode – Special Time]
9:30 pm
CBS Life in Pieces: Reverse Burden District Germany [4th Season Finale]

Friday, June 28, 2019
3:01 am
NETFLIX 7seeds: Part 1 [Series Premiere; Anime]

Shy Natsu awakens as part of a group chosen to ensure the survival of humanity. Together, they have to survive on a changed Earth. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Motown Magic [Complete Second Season Premiere]
NETFLIX O Escolhido (the Chosen One) [Complete First Season / Series Premiere]

Determined to bring a Zika vaccine to the remote Pantanal, three doctors clash with a faith healer and are pulled deeper into the mysteries of his cult. Click here for more information.

8:00 pm
CBS Whistleblower: Bunny’s War: The Case Against The US Army Corps of Engineers / Opioid Lollipops: The Case Against Cephalon [2nd Season Finale]

Saturday, June 29, 2019
12:35 am
SUNDANCE Rosehaven: Episode 8 [3rd Season Finale]
11:30 am
DFC My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip [Special Presentation]
9:00 pm
AMC The Son: Legend [Series Finale]

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