SDCC 2019 Recap: Fear the Walking Dead visits Comic-Con

By Scott C.

September is officially here, but this does not mean that we shouldn’t revisit this year’s 50th San Diego Comic-Con, particularly with Fear the Walking Dead’s grand visit to the con. The companion series to The Walking Dead is currently in its fifth season, with another one on deck for next year. At Comic-Con 2019, fans had the chance to attend the Fear panel, hear the announcement of season six, and go to an offsite to celebrate all things Walking Dead. Fortunately, that was not all from the AMC show, as FoCC Blog had a chance to hear from most of the main cast, as well as the series’ showrunners, during a press conference.

Executive producer Andrew Chambliss hinted that the Fear universe is going to “expand in a big way” and that this expansion will affect our main heroes soon, and beyond. As for any crossover with the new Walking Dead show, which will debut sometime next year, this series will need some time to establish its narrative footing before doing anything of that sort, according to Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple. However, Gimple did state that the shows ‘might’ cross paths eventually, but the showrunners want Fear to continue to operate on its own right now, without worrying about another series. I think that a major crossover might happen someday, because every studio wants to capitalize on the latest trend of crossovers, thanks to Marvel Studios helping the cause. Yet one problem with crossovers in this universe is that The Walking Dead just had a time jump of six years, so both companion shows would need one to catch up to make it work (and do not get me started with the planned movies!).

The Fear cast were asked about what they want to see for season six. Alexa Nisenson wants Charlie to “Continue to try to redeem herself and for the group to truly, truly forgive her.” Rubén Blades just wants Daniel Salazar to stay alive for many seasons to come, while Jenna Elfman (June) and Danay Garcia (Luciana Galvez) can’t wait to see what the future holds for their characters.

As for getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, Garcia, Nisenson, and Elfman do own emergency kits, either by getting one as a gift or making their own. Yet Blades hopes that he can get “9,000 cans of pork and beans and 300,000 rolls of toilet paper,” before the world ends. Austin Amelio (Dwight) and Lennie James (Morgan) have had nightmares when thinking about being ready for anything, while everyone else tries to not to think about it. Yet being on the show has prepared them, just in case. For Karen David (Grace), every time she sees a forest, she pictures walkers coming out to attack everyone. Overall, to make everything look believable, the actors need to stay in character as much as possible, while the showrunners are the ones to think about the hazards of a zombie apocalypse 24/7.

Executive producer Ian Goldberg and co-executive producer/director Michael Satrazemis find the Alicia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Morgan relationship to be “exciting” to tackle, thanks to them both having a similar background: losing love ones, which led to a dark cloud hovering over them. The producers said to expect both Alicia and Morgan to learn more from their partnership, yet James sees Morgan as second-in-command to Alicia, although both are reluctant leaders. James just wants the two characters to find some peace, rather than seeing them fight each other, a type of storytelling used by many within Hollywood. Lastly, the showrunners see this season as “one big epic story” and have been laying out hints for next season, which was planned long ago.

As for Amelio, he was asked to join the Fear cast after (jokingly) requesting to having Dwight go to Texas with the showrunners. Yet a couple of months later, he got the call to join the show and liked knowing that he would be working in Austin, Texas, since that area is his hometown. 

With a certain character discovering a particular location in “Ner Tamid”, I’m curious to see where this latest plot point will lead, and how it will affect this season overall. Regardless, with season six incoming, things are looking up for the Fear the Walking Dead series.

Season five of Fear the Walking Dead is currently airing on AMC every Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. Don’t forget to visit the FoCC forum to keep the zombie talk going.

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