Date for the return of Jack Ryan announced


Many people have been asking for a date, and now we have the answer to when our favorite CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, will return to action on Amazon Prime. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will be back and ready for action on Friday, November 1st, so mark your calendars now and clear your plans for the weekend, to watch season two.

Last season focused on the hunt for a terrorist from remote desert locations, to cities in both Europe and the United States. Personally, I enjoyed the first season immensely and found the series’ format to be better when compared to the movies, because it allowed more time for us as viewers to learn more about the characters, and the situations they were in.

John Krasinski (A Quiet Place) returns as the titular Jack Ryan, and in this second season, we will see the return of Wendell Pierce (The Wire) as James Greer. Joining the cast will be Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) as Harriet ‘Harry’ Baumann and Michael Kelly (House of Cards) as Mike November.

The second season will use the illegal arms sales plot line and the locations will (once again) span the globe, ranging from the jungles of Venezuela to the United States itself, and will also include stops in Europe as well as Russia. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is co-produced by Amazon Studios, Paramount Television, and Skydance Television and it will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video once again.

The streaming service is lining up a promotional campaign, which will include the airing of the official season two trailer during tonight’s NFL Season Opener on NBC, which marks the first time Prime Video will be running a full-length trailer on broadcast television. Additionally, travelers flying in and out of LAX Airport this month, should be on the lookout for a 50,000 square foot “Jack is Back” rooftop billboard set up. The advertisement will be illuminated, allowing travelers to view the signage at any time of the day, and night.

You can check out the season two trailer below:

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