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Getting ready for Lost in Space Season 2 – Christmas with the Robinson family


Lost in Space was a groundbreaking series when it first aired in the 1960s, and thanks to a loyal fanbase, it stayed popular throughout the years. The reinvented show, which debuted on Netflix in April 2018, offers an ambitious new take on the Robinson family, their adventures through space to find their way to their new home on Alpha Centauri.

The first season established itself very quickly as a fresh new take on the space-aged version on the Swiss Robinson Family, which appealed to fans of the classic series, as well as bringing in new viewers. The series also offered a few hallmarks from the original series, including a cameo by the original Will Robinson, Bill Mumy. I personally enjoyed the first season immensely due to the character-focused stories which allowed audiences to connect with the characters, visual effects, and the interesting challenges which the characters faced and had to overcome. A lot of challenges for the characters to contend with were both internal and situational which take away an element of predictability.

At the beginning of the first season, the family relationship was fractured. Yet it was healed when the Robinson family had to depend on each other when facing perilous situations, such as one member being stuck in a frozen body of water or teaming up with others to find an alternative source of energy for their ships, referred to as Jupiters. The goal was to return to the mothership, the Resolute, which was attacked by a robotic alien race; many had to leave the ship temporarily in smaller ships. Along the way, viewers were given a few glimpses into the backstories of the family and the new Dr. Smith (played by Parker Posey) to showcase their motivations, and state of mind.

The cinematic approach used for filming combined with the visual effects for season one were great. Visually there are beautiful elements and scenery on the planet where most of the first season takes place and this grandeur would be lost to some degree if you do not view it on a decent sized television screen. Personally, I found the viewing experience to be noticeably better on a large screen television, as opposed to a small device.

By the end of the first season, the Robinson family, Don West, and Dr. Smith were on their way to the Resolute when an unknown force – which is referred to as SAR (Second Alien Robot) by the cast and producers – takes over their navigation systems and propels them to another star system.

The cast and producers from the series made an appearance at New York Comic Con 2019. The panel has Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson), Maxwell jenkins (Will Robinson), Mina Sundwall (Penny Robinson), Taylor Russel (Judy Robinson), Parker Posey (Dr. Smith), Ignacio Serricchio (Don West), and Zack Estrin (Showrunner/Executive Producer). Sadly, Toby Stephens (John Robinson) could not make it, but he did send a video message to announce the release date for season two – December 24, 2019.

During the panel they showed a brand-new trailer, plus a few clips from the upcoming season. While they did not want to give away too much, there were a few announcements made:

1) The series picks up several months after the conclusion of season one.
2) The star system the Robinson family were transported to is comprised of five planets, and there was a hint that more than one will be visited this season.
3) JJ Field joins the cast as ‘Adler’. His role will be tied into the mythology of the series and will take a keen interest in Will.
4) Shooting locations included Iceland and the Alberta Badlands (Canada).
5) There may be other cameos from the original Lost in Space cast.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article which will feature interviews with cast and producers from Lost in Space. In the meantime, check out the season two trailer located below.


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