Next Week in TV 11/24: Celebrate Thanksgiving With The Irishman

By Scott, DRWHO42, and Alyssa

With Thanksgiving only a few days away here in the U.S., it is time to be thankful that we are living in a world in which we can watch our favorite TV series/movies with ease. Our televisions (along with your streaming or cable plans) are a gateway to fun and entertainment.

Sunday will see the dead go into hibernation, thanks to the fall finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead airing at 9 p.m ET. Right after that, the fall finale of Talking Dead airs at 10:20 p.m.

On Wednesday morning, Netflix‘s The Irishman debuts on the streaming service for all to see. The movie stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. It is about hitman Frank Sheeran (played by De Niro) who looks back at the secrets he kept while being part of the Bufalino crime family. This film has a 96% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The three-and-a-half-hour movie had a limited release earlier this month in the U.S., although more theatrical markets around the world and in the U.S. will be getting the film.

On Friday morning, DC Universe will debut the series premiere of Harley Quinn. This animated series is about the character’s quest to make it on her own in Gotham City, while bumping into some ‘old friends’. Do note that Kaley Cuoco voices Harley Quinn while Alan Tudyk lends his vocal talent for the Joker. The brand-new series airs at 9 a.m. ET.

Also airing on DC Universe on Friday morning will be the second season finale of Titans. But do not worry Titans fans, the series itself was officially renewed a few weeks ago, and the third season will air in fall 2020.

Fan of Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy? If so, the blog is here to remind you that the first season finale is airing on Saturday at 9 a.m. ET. (As for everything else airing soon, do check the listing below.)

As always, do let us know what you will be watching when visiting the FoCC forum. Have a great and happy Thanksgiving!

DRWHO42’s picks:
New: Lindsey Vonn
On-going: The Mandalorian, Dublin Murders, Jack Ryan, In Search Of, Supergirl, His Dark Materials, The Flash, Batwoman, Arrow, Treadstone, Emergence, Evil, 9-1-1, Prodigal Son, FBI, Fresh off the Boat, Mixed-ish, Black-ish, Stumptown, SNL, Criminal:UK, Titans, The Rain, Hanna

Binge / Stack: Hawaii 5-0, Supernatural, Lost in Space & Strike Back (finished and re-watching the greatness)

Mario Wario’s picks:
New: The Irishman.
On-going: The Mandalorian, Silicon Valley, Watchmen, Rick & Morty, Shameless, Treadstone, TWD, DC/CW shows, Mr. Robot, and Supernatural.
Binge / Stack: Jack Ryan (Season 2)

Alyssa’s picks for Disney+, Over-The-Air(OTA), Hulu, and Amazon Prime:
OTA: Prodigal Son, All Rise, Emergence, Evil, and Stumptown
Stream: The Mandalorian, The World According To Jeff Goldblum, Zomboat!, The Boys and Jack Ryan

Editor’s note: All times listed below are Eastern and nerd/geek interest are highlighted in PINK.

Sunday, November 24, 2019
8:00 pm
ABC 2019 American Music Awards [Three-Hour Special]
9:00 pm
AMC The Walking Dead : The World Before [10th Season Fall Finale]
10:20 pm
AMC Talking Dead: The World Before [9th Season Fall Finale]
10:30 pm
SHOWTIME Back to Life: Episode 6 [1st Season Finale]

Monday, November 25, 2019
9:00 pm
PBS College Behind Bars: Part One [Series Premiere]

Explore the transformative power of education through the eyes of a dozen incarcerated men and women trying to earn college degrees – and a chance at new beginnings – from one of the country’s most rigorous prison education programs. Click here for more information.

FREEFORM Wrap Battle [Series Premiere]
10:01 pm
NBC Bluff City Law: Perfect Day [1st Season Finale]

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

3:01 am
NETFLIX Super Monsters: Super Monsters Save Christmas
NETFLIX True & The Rainbow Kingdom: Winter Wishes
9:00 pm
NBC Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Opry [Two-Hour Special]
10:00 pm
HBO Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
3:01 am
NETFLIX Broken [Complete 1st Season / Series Premiere]

This investigative docuseries shows how negligence and deceit in the production and marketing of popular consumer items can result in dire outcomes. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX The Irishman [Movie]

Hit man Frank Sheeran looks back at the secrets he kept as a loyal member of the Bufalino crime family in this acclaimed film from Martin Scorsese. Click here for more information.

Thursday, November 28, 2019
12:30 am
IFC Baroness Von Sketch Show [4th Season Finale]
3:01 am
NETFLIX Levius [Complete 1st Season / Series Premiere / Anime]

Young Levius rises through the ranks in the brutal world of metal boxing under his uncle’s guidance. Forces outside the ring have their eye on him. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Merry Happy Whatever [Complete 1st Season / Series Premiere]

A struggling LA musician tries to win over his new girlfriend’s gruff dad and quirky, tight-knit siblings on a 10-day Christmas visit to Philadelphia. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Mythomaniac [Complete 1st Season / Series Premiere]

Burned out and taken for granted, a working mom suspects her partner is cheating, so to win back his attentions, she feigns a medical diagnosis. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Holiday Rush [Movie]

A widowed radio DJ and his four spoiled kids need to tighten their belts and pull together when their life of luxury turns lean just before Christmas. Click here for more information.

APPLE TV+ Servant [Series Premiere]

A young and troubled couple replaces their newborn baby with a lifelike doll after their child dies from health complications. Click here for more information.

8:00 pm
ABC The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration [Two-Hour Special]
9:00 pm
A&E Garth Brooks Yankee Stadium Concert [Two-Hour Special]
FOX Almost Family: Thankful Af [New Episode / Special Night]

Friday, November 29, 2019
3:01 am
AMAZON Andy Murray: Resurfacing [About the Scottish Tennis Star’s Life]
AMAZON The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show
AMAZON The Report

In a thriller based on actual events, an idealistic Senate staffer leads an investigation into the CIA’s post-9/11 Detention and Interrogation Program, uncovering the lengths to which the agency went to hide a brutal secret from the American public. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Chip & Potato [Complete 2nd Season Premiere]
NETFLIX The Movies That Made Us [Complete 1st Season / Series Premiere]

These blockbusters brought us together and gave us the time of our lives. Meet the actors, directors and industry insiders who made them happen. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX I Lost My Body [Animated/Drama Movie]

Romance, mystery and adventure intertwine as a young man falls in love and a severed hand scours Paris for its owner in this mesmerizing animated film. Click here for more information.

9:00 am
DC Harley Quinn [Series Premiere]

The series will focus on a newly single Harley Quinn, who sets off to make it on her own in Gotham City. Click here for more information.

DC Titans [2nd Season Finale]
4:00 pm
FACEBOOK The Birch: A Mother’s Love Never Dies [1st Season Finale]
9:00 pm
THE CW Penn & Teller: Fool Us: Penn & Teller: Merry Fool Us [One-Hour Special]
10:00 pm
HISTORY In Search of: The End of the World [2nd Season Finale]
10:30 pm
STARZ In the Long Run [1st Season Finale]
11:00 pm
HBO Room 104: The Specimen Collector [3rd Season Finale]

Saturday, November 30, 2019
9:00 am
DFC Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy: Best Bots Forever Part 1 & 2 [1st Season Finale]
9:00 pm
BBCA Blue Planet Now [1st Season Finale]

Mario Wario

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