FoCC Reactor: Netflix gives the Robinson family one final adventure


The renewal news I have been waiting for all year was for Lost in Space, and it has finally arrived, we are a GO for a third season! Based on the recent announcement, next season will debut sometime in 2021, yet the exciting news was tempered slightly, however, with the news that the third season of this space adventure will be its last.

When I interviewed the cast during New York Comic Con (click here), series’ showrunner Zach Estrin and executive producer Burk Sharpless revealed that their initial plan for the series was to do a trilogy of seasons, and there was potential for many more, if Netflix agreed to additional seasons. I thought the first two seasons were phenomenal, and it was anchored by a superb cast, exciting special effects, and alluring backdrops such as utilizing Iceland.

A factor that may have played into the decision to end the series so soon could be the production time and growth of the younger cast members. For example, Max Jenkins grew noticeably between seasons one and two – a point of which was explained through the jump in the timeline between the conclusion of the first season, and where the second season begins.

I am hopeful that the series may be brought back in some way (either as a mini-series or in movie format) in the near future if the series garners high enough ratings with this upcoming season.

In any case, I am pleased that the Robinson family, the Robot, Dr. Smith, Don West, and Debbie the chicken will be back for one last adventure, on their way to their new home on Alpha Centaur. I can’t wait to see how it all will end.


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