SDCC 2020 is Cancelled – Plans for 2021 underway


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted a very promising 2020 with the 2020 Tokyo Games, WonderCon 2020, SXSW, Coachella, and The Cannes Film Festival all being cancelled or postponed. Today, CCI has announced their plans to cancel San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2020, the first time in the con’s 50-year history that this has happened. This is a monumental decision, but while there was speculation and rumors circling around in recent weeks on this, we at the FoCC Blog wanted to wait for official word from Comic-Con International (CCI) on this decision. Do note that the SDCC 2021 dates are July 22-25 and the event itself will return to the San Diego Convention Center. CCI also announced that WonderCon, the sister convention to SDCC, will be back next year to the Anaheim Convention Center, and the dates are March 26-28, 2021.

Fans who purchased a 2020 badge can either request a refund or transfer their badges to next year’s SDCC show, with more details hitting emails next week. Likewise, with exhibitors about their payments yet nothing about press, professionals, and volunteers in today’s announcement, but stay tuned regarding all that. As for hotels, onPeak (Comic-Con’s official hotel affiliate) will be automatically cancelling all hotel reservations already made, as well as refunding all deposits, for anyone who has gone through them. Fans will also be notified when the refund process has been completed.

Of course, this decision could not have been easy, but with the world on lock down in an effort to flatten the curve, medical professionals working hard around the clock to care for patients, and essential staff working to keep the proverbial lights on, we can understand there are higher priorities which must be dealt with.

For those who may have purchased their airline tickets already it is advisable to contact the airline to convert your ticket to a voucher.

While this decision is a tough one, we can understand that this objective is to hold an event which is safe for everyone. This is not just for attendees, but for everyone including the artists, vendors, media talent, staff, and crew.

We do hope CCI sets up a virtual exhibit hall which will allow exhibitors a venue to connect with customers.

We are hopeful a cure to COVID-19 is found, and by this time in 2021, we will be focusing our attention on the hotel lottery.

These are unprecedented times, and this is a time where the well-being of families and friends are our focus. Stay safe everyone.

Taking a line from the Bond franchise: SDCC will be back in 2021!


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