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FoCC Reactor: Looking forward to the resurrection of G4 TV


This week of Comic-Con at Home 2020 was lacking the usual frenzied excitement the convention would have when it came to news and details of upcoming movie and TV release dates. That quickly changed when a tweet from two dormant Twitter accounts (X-Play and G4 TV) on Friday, the 25th, kicked off a wave of buzz in the Twitter-verse and fandom community. The Tweet included a teaser trailer, which had the sound of someone playing Ping Pong and a graphic stating, “We never stopped playing,” followed by “2021.” This announcement only meant one thing: The return of G4 TV!

G4 was a unique channel, tailored specifically to the gaming and multimedia fandom communities. Where else would you find gaming news, reviews, and demonstrations on your TV screen? Or get daily doses of movie, DVD/Blu-Ray, and TV news and reviews, especially on the films which were action and sci-fi based? Shows such as Attack of the Show and X-Play offered something fresh, unique, and exciting, which were not even available on any other channel, or news program during the early 2000s; before the network closed its doors in late 2014. The knowledgeable hosts on G4 knew exactly what they were talking about (unlike certain other news programs), and how to convey their points to viewers on the good, the bad, and the ugly about the latest games, films, and tech products.

I have fond memories of the channel: recalling the excitement when the Playstation 4 and Xbox were first released, as well as watching a certain Japanese TV show featuring an insanely challenging obstacle course called Ninja Warrior. Before I ventured cross country to San Diego for Comic-Con, I relied on stories from friends about how cool it was. G4 was instrumental in helping me make the decision to make the pilgrimage to the Con, through its daily coverage. It’s also important to note that the coverage they provided from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) allowed us all up close and detailed looks at what would be the next big thing in the realm of games and technology.  

Here are a few of the responses from the alumni of the channel on Twitter, which have been positive:

The announcement did not provide any details on where we will be able to view G4, however, we do know that NBC Universal owns the rights. At this point we can only speculate how it will be offered – via the Peacock streaming platform or a Comcast-based cable channel.

2021 is looking to be an exciting year already and this makes it look even better! 

Stay tuned for more details but in the meantime, click here to check out the site for the channel and play a little game of Pong


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