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Bill & Ted Face the Music – “Most Triumphant Duo” Featurette

by Jason Delgado

The real world is in dire need of some most excellent news, and more Bill and Ted! That’s why Orion Pictures has announced that they’ve moved up the release date for Bill & Ted Face The Music to August 28th, a week earlier than planned (Available on demand and in select theaters and drive-ins)!

Bill S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) are now old dudes, still trying to come up with the song that will save the world, and bring harmony to the universe. That’s why they need to enlist their daughters (Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine), as well as historical figure friends both new and old (Kristen Schaal, Erinn Hayes, Jayma Mays, Holland Taylor, Kid Cudi, Anthony Carrigan, Jillian Bell, Beck Bennett, William Sadler, Hal Landon Jr. and Amy Stoch) in another excellent adventure through time!

A new, most triumphant featurette has been released to celebrate the biggest duo since Abbott and Costello: Bill and Ted! Witness the funny, yet emotional real-life bond between Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, and their friendship with the next generation: Samara Weaving (the niece of Hugo Weaving, nemesis to Keanu in the Matrix films) and Brigette Lundy-Paine right here:

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Jason Delgado

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