Next Week in TV 1/17: Heroes take flight with Batwoman and 9-1-1!

By DRWHO42 & Scott C.

January 2021 has been a little subdued in TV land; however, the week ahead will have a shot of adrenaline for all TV fans, everywhere. 

For instance, to kick off the week, there will be a new hero coming to Gotham City in season two of The CW’s Batwoman. Monday will also feature the return of our favorite emergency response teams on 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star (both on Fox) and the 5th season premiere of Riverdale (The CW) on WednesdayAs such, each show should get us past the mid-week slump.

In BatwomanJavicia Leslie will assume the titular role on Sunday night (8 p.m. ET) after actress Ruby Rose departed the show after one season. As such, the Ryan Wilder character will bring a different feel to the series, and that she will be a little goofy, messy, yet a likable character while also adjusting to her new heroic role. So, check it out.

The Fox lineup will have a double dose of excitement with both 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star returning to action this Monday night. The team in the mothership series (9-1-1) will face the aftereffects of a mudslide; yet on the personal side of things, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and “Chimney” (Kenneth Chio) celebrate becoming parents. Gina Torres, meanwhile, will join 9-1-1: Lone Star for its second season, replacing Liv Tyler, who left the series for personal reasons (at least for now). Also, Lisa Edelstein (House) will also be popping up during the second season. Of course, the times of both shows are listed below in the new listing.

Then we have CBS treating us with a double dose of NCIS, as well as the return of FBI: Most Wanted this Tuesday nightYes, the times are listed below. Fans of the mothership series of FBI will have to hold off for just a little bit longer, though, as that show will return on January 24th, 2021.

Thursday night marks a new beginning for Jared Padalecki as he shifts gears from fighting demons to solving modern-day crimes in a 10-gallon hat. The CW’s reboot of Walker premieres Thursday (8 p.m. ET) with Coby Bell (Third WatchThe Gifted), Odette Annable (Supergirl), and Lindsey Morgan (The 100) joining the cast alongside Padalecki. The original series Walker, Texas Ranger had a long run, which began in 1993 and ended in 2001. It starred Chuck Norris as the main protagonist, Cordell Walker, yet we hope this reboot series has a long and successful run like the original had. Overall, good luck Walker!

The Blacklist, meanwhile, caps off the week by returning this Friday night (8 p.m. ET) on NBC to continue from where it left off – with more intrigue and shifting alliances.

In television news, we learned that production for season three of The Umbrella Academy starts next month in Toronto. We also learned of the new cast joining as part of the “Sparrow Academy,” which will include Justin Cornwell (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, I Am the Night), Justin Min (After Yang, The Umbrella Academy), Britne Oldford (The Path, Hunters), Jake Epstein (Designated Survivor, Suits); Genesis Rodriguez (The Fugitive, Big Hero 6), and Cazzie David (86’ed, NY Times best-selling author of No One Asked for This). They will also be a telekinetic cube of unknown origins named Christopher (we are not kidding!). Overall, this upcoming season will be a must-watch if you enjoyed the first two seasons. If you have not seen Umbrella Academy yet, we highly recommend that you do so by adding the series to your watch list. Lastly, more about the series itself can be found by clicking here.

Well that wraps up things for this week. As always, what will you be watching this week? Let us know what you’ll be watching when visiting the FoCC forum. Also, don’t forget that the rest of the TV schedule is listed below. Happy Watching!

DRWHO42’s picks:

New: Batwoman, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star, The Blacklist

On-going: FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, Coyote, The Watch, Big Sky, The Crown, Young Sheldon, American Gods, Prodigal Son, Wandavision.

Binge / Re-watch: Lost in Space, Doctor Who, Jack Ryan, Strike Back!, The Witcher (finished and re-watching the greatness)

Mario Wario’s picks:

New: Walker.

On-going: The Watch, Shameless, WandaVision, Batwoman.

Binge / Stack: [Nothing at the Moment]

Editor’s note: All times listed below are Eastern and nerd/geek interest are highlighted in AMBER.

Sunday, January 17, 2021
8:00 PM
The CW Batwoman: What Happened to Kate Kane? [2nd season premiere]
PBS Miss Scarlet & The Duke: Inheritance [series premiere]

Kate Phillips (Peaky Blinders) stars in a six-part mystery as the headstrong, first-ever female detective in Victorian London, who won’t let any naysayers stop her from keeping her father’s business running. Stuart Martin (Jamestown) plays her childhood friend, professional colleague, and potential love interest, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector William Wellington, a.k.a., The Duke. Click Here for More Information.

9:00 PM
HBO Tiger: Part II [1st Season Finale]
10:31 PM
FOX Family Guy: Fecal Matters [New Episode on Special Time]

Monday, January 18, 2021
8:00 PM
FOX 9-1-1: The New Abnormal [4th Season Premiere]
9:01 PM
FOX 9-1-1: Lone Star: Back in the Saddle [2nd Season Premiere]

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
3:01 AM
NETFLIX Hello Ninja [4th season premiere / Animated]
8:00 PM
PBS Finding Your Roots: To the Manor Born [7th Season Premiere]
CBS NCIS: Sunburn [18th Season Winter Premiere]
9:00 PM
CBS NCIS: Head of the Snake [New Episode on Special Time]
10:00 PM
CBS FBI: Most Wanted: Anonymous [2nd Season Winter Premiere]

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
3:01 AM
NETFLIX Spycraft [Series Premiere]

The spy game is a serious business, and throughout history, the tools and technologies developed for it have mattered as much as the spies themselves. Click Here for More Information.

8:00 PM
The CW Riverdale: Chapter Seventy-Seven: Climax [5th Season Premiere]
9:00 PM
The CW Nancy Drew: The Search for the Midnight Wraith [2nd Season Premiere]
10:00 PM
HBO Strike: Lethal White: Part 1 [2nd Season Premiere]
ABC The Conners: Young Love, Old Lions and Middle-Aged Hyenas [New Episode on Special Time]
10:30 PM
ABC Call Your Mother: Distressed Jean [New Episode on Special Time]

Thursday, January 21, 2021
3:01 AM
NETFLIX Call my Agent! [4th Season Premiere]
HBO MAX Gomorrah [3rd Season Premiere]
HBO MAX Looney Tunes Cartoons: Part 2 [1st Season Winter Premiere]
HBO MAX Perfect Life [Series Premiere]

María, Cris and Esther are three very different women beyond 30 who think they are now pretty much the adult person they’ll remain for the rest of their lives. They couldn’t be more wrong: María was just signing the contract to buy the home for the rest of her life. Click Here for More Information.

HBO MAX Selena + Chef [2nd Season Premiere]
8:00 PM
FREEFORM Grown-ish: Public Service Announcement [3rd Season Winter Premiere]
The CW Walker: Pilot [Series Premiere]

A widowed father returns to Austin after two years, attempting to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family, and find common ground with his new partner, while growing increasingly suspicious of his wife’s death. Click Here for More Information.

CBS Young Sheldon: Freshman Orientation and the Inventor of the Zipper [4th Season Winter Premiere]
8:31 PM
CBS B Positive: Open Heart Surgery [1st Season Winter Premiere]
9:00 PM
The CW Legacies: We’re not Worthy [3rd Season Premiere]
9:01 PM
CBS Mom: Woo-Woo Lights and an Onside Kick [8th Season Winter Premiere]
9:30 PM
CBS The Unicorn: The First Supper [2nd Season Winter Premiere]

Friday, January 22, 2021
12:01 AM
APPLE TV+ Losing Alice [Series Premiere]

“Losing Alice” is a thrilling cinematic journey that uses flashbacks and flash-forwards in a satisfyingly complex narrative that takes the viewer through the conscious and subconscious of its protagonist’s mind. The series follows Alice (played by Ayelet Zurer), a 48-year-old female film director, who feels irrelevant since raising her family. After a brief encounter on the train, she becomes obsessed with a 24-year-old screenwriter femme fatale, Sophie (played by Lihi Kornowski), and eventually surrenders her moral integrity in order to achieve power, relevance and success. Through the prism of this female Faust, the series explores issues such as jealousy, guilt, fear of aging, and the complex relationships women have among themselves and each other. Click Here for More Information.

AMAZON Jessy & Nessy: Part 3 [1st Season Finale]
HULU The Sister [Series Premiere]

Almost a decade into his new devoted married life Nathan is rocked to the core when Bob, an unwelcome face from the past, turns up on his doorstep with shocking news, triggering a series of catastrophic decisions. Click Here for More Information.

3:01 AM
NETFLIX Busted! [3rd Season Premiere]
NETFLIX Fate: The Winx Saga [Series Premiere]

Determined to master their enchanting powers, a group of teens navigate rivalry, romance and supernatural studies at Alfea, a magical boarding school. Click Here for More Information.

NETFLIX Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous [2nd Season Premiere / Animated]
NETFLIX The White Tiger [Movie]

The ambitious driver for a rich Indian family uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and become an entrepreneur. Based on the bestselling novel. Click Here for More Information.

DISNEY+ Pixar Popcorn [Series Premiere]

This series follows everyone’s favorite characters in bite-sized Pixar shorts made by various animators. Click Here for More Information.

8:00 PM
NBC The Blacklist: 16 Ounces [8th Season Winter Premiere]
11:00 PM
HBO Painting With John: Bob Ross was Wrong [Series Premiere]

Painting With John, a new unscripted series written, directed by and starring John Lurie, is part meditative tutorial, part fireside chat. Each episode has Lurie, the co-founder of musical group The Lounge Lizards, at his worktable, honing his watercolor techniques and sharing what he’s learned about life. With images of Lurie’s paintings, original music and his point of view all rolled into one, the series strikes an irreverent tone while reminding us to prioritize some time every day for creativity, fun and a bit of mischief. Click Here for More Information.

Saturday, January 23, 2021
6:00 PM
BBCA A Wild Year on Earth: The Year Begins [Series Premiere / Wildlife Documentary]
10:00 PM
EPIX The Eisen Hour [Series Premiere / Talk Show]

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