FoCC Reactor: SYFY’s Resident Alien Comes to Earth

by Transmute Jun

Have you ever wondered if there are aliens among us? Someone living in our society, maybe in your own neighborhood, who is actually not human? And they blend in so well that there is no way that you would ever know of their extraterrestrial origins?

Resident Alien, a new series from SyFy and Amblin Entertainment, explores that idea… mostly. Based on the Dark Horse comic book series, Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Con Man) plays Captain Hah Re, an alien stranded on Earth when his spaceship crashes during a mission. He is forced to blend into the nearby mountain town of Patience, Colorado, as he searches for a missing device that he needs to complete his mission and go home.

Hah Re happens upon an unsuspecting human, Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle, killing the man and taking over his identity. Yet watching television is not enough to help ‘Harry’ learn to fit in, and everyone who meets him knows that there is something ‘not right’ about Dr. Vanderspiegle. Still, Patience is small, in a remote area of Colorado (without even a pizza shop) and Harry is far from the only unusual person in town.

While the basis of the series is sci-fi in nature (an alien coming to Earth and being forced to live amongst humans), it is, at heart, a comedy, the weight of which sits upon Tudyk’s capable shoulders. His portrayal of the earnest, yet arrogant, alien is witty and amusing, with the rest of the cast often ending up the ‘straight man’ to Tudyk’s many comedic lines.

Resident Alien premieres on Syfy on Wednesday, January 27 at 10 pm Eastern. Anyone looking for a good laugh with a sci-fi flavor is encouraged to check out this program.

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