WonderCon (in person) 2021 Officially Cancelled

by Transmute Jun

While in-person WonderCon 2021 (previously scheduled for March 26-28) has been in jeopardy for some time, given California’s stance regarding mass gatherings, Comic Con International (CCI) has now officially given notice that the in-person event is being cancelled. [email protected] is now scheduled in its place on Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2021.

Although this announcement feels like it is coming late, it was obvious to fans that something was up, as no badges were ever sold for in-person WonderCon 2021, nor were any announcements made as to guests or content for the 2021 show. https://comic-con.org/wca

While fans still have their hopes up for San Diego Comic Con 2021 (SDCC, currently scheduled for July 22-25, with Preview Night on July 21), California’s current reopening guidelines strongly suggest that such a gathering will not be permitted by authorities this summer. However, CCI has yet to make any announcements on the future of SDCC.

While FoCC Blog anticipates a return to in-person conventions in the future (some, such as MegaCon Orlando, are still likely for 2021) it is probable that the majority of large shows may not return until late 2021, or early 2022. Fortunately, virtual cons will likely be offered to help fill the pop culture void.

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Transmute Jun

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