FoCC Con Intel: SDCC 2021 Made Virtual; In-Person Event Postponed

by Transmute Jun

Since Comic Con International (CCI) announced the transition of WonderCon 2021 to a virtual event, fans have been wondering about the future of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2021. CCI has now announced that the in-person SDCC we have all been anticipating will unfortunately not be held in 2021. Instead, CCI will host a 3-day virtual event, similar to last year’s online con, from July 23-25, 2021.

However, there is better news as well. SDCC in-person is not entirely gone for 2021. CCI plans to hold a smaller, in-person 3-day SDCC event in November, 2021. Details on this future event are forthcoming.

In the meantime, those who rolled over their badges from the canceled 2020 in-person event will now have them rolled over again to 2022, unless they choose to request a refund (which can be done here). The 2020 rolled-over badges will not be immediately valid at the smaller, in-person event now scheduled for November 2021, however, CCI is currently working on the possibility of allowing the option to use a 2020 badge at the November 2021 event. Stay tuned to the FoCC Blog for future details.

How do you feel about these changes to SDCC 2021? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums!

Transmute Jun

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