Next Week in TV 3/14: The Snyder Cut Is Here and the Debut of Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

By DRWHO42 & Scott C.

After a very long wait and a lot of campaigning, DC fans will get their long-awaited reward with the Snyder Cut of Justice League debuting this Thursday. As such, there will be a lot of fanfare building up for the release on HBO MAX this week, including a red-carpet premiere hosted by Kevin Smith and a watch party with director Zach Snyder. Thus, it is time to clear your plans for March 18th because it will be a date you do not want to miss!

If you thought that was it, we have Falcon and The Winter Soldier arriving on Disney+ this Friday! As expected, there has been a lot of interest in this new Marvel Studios series since it was first announced. With the success of Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian and Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, Disney+ is building momentum and street cred as a serious contender in the streamer battle for dominance. We should (naturally) expect quality storytelling, high production value, and the possibility of a few surprises based on what we have seen in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailers. 

The Grammy Awards, hosted by Trevor Noah, will air Sunday night. This will be the year of celebration of music that will feature big names in the recording industry and some unique collaborations. Mid-week there will also be a two-hour Grammy special hosted by Common, which will feature musical influence focusing on social change.

For those interested in history, The Lost Pirate Kingdom on Netflix may be worth a watch. This docuseries, which premieres on Monday, March 15th, will feature a real-life look at a pirates’ life, which will be nothing like Pirates of the Caribbean

In television news, this past week has been filled with some good news. First, The Equalizer was renewed for a second season. This signals that CBS has a lot of confidence in the series; it showed when it was selected to premiere in the coveted spot right after the last Super Bowl. Right now, we look forward to the rest of the first season’s finish while looking forward to the second season with optimism.

Trek fans have been patiently waiting for production news on the latest series in the franchise: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Luckily, we are happy to report that production has begun this week in Toronto. The series, which focuses on the time Christopher Pike was Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise will feature Anson Mount as Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. Of course, there will be a few new faces joining the cast, including Babs Olusanmokun (Black Mirror, Dune), Christina Chong (Tom and Jerry, Line of Duty, Black Mirror), Celia Rose Gooding (Jagged Little Pill)Jess Bush (Skinford, Les Norton), and Melissa Navia (Dietland, Billions), who was announced as joining the cast this week.

While we are on the topic of Star Trek. It was announced this week History will produce an eight-episode docuseries on the franchise. Airing will be timed to coincide with the 55th anniversary of the series.

Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) has been quite busy after her stint on The Flight Attendant. It was announced last week that she will join the cast of Doom Patrol. It will be for the third season, and Gomez will playing as Madame Rouge.

Lastly, fans of Raised by Wolves were treated with a nice present courtesy of series co-star Abubakar Salim. He posted on Twitter a couple of pictures to highlight the start of production for the second season of the hit series.

That is all for this week! Until next time, please let us know what you will be watching when visiting the FoCC forum. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

DRWHO42’s picks:

New: The Snyder Cut, Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

On-going: Superman and Lois, The Walking Dead, Debris, The Flash, Pacific Rim: The Black, Pennyworth, Black Lightning, Alex Rider, Tribes of Europa, The Equalizer, Clarice, Resident Alien, Snowpiercer, Batwoman, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star, The Blacklist, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, The Crown, Young Sheldon, American Gods, Prodigal Son, Wandavision.

Binge / Re-watch: Lost in Space, Doctor Who, Jack Ryan, Strike Back!, The Witcher (finished and re-watching the greatness)

Mario Wario’s picks:

New: Ducktales Series Finale, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

On-going: The Watch, Pennyworth, Shameless, Clarice, Debris, The Flash, Batwoman, Snowpiercer, Resident Alien, Black Lightning, Superman & Lois, Power Rangers: Dino Fury, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Binge / Stack: [Nothing at the Moment]

Editor’s note: All times listed below are Eastern and nerd/geek interest are highlighted in AMBER.

Sunday, March 14, 2021
3:01 am
NETFLIX The Devil Punisher [1st Season Finale]
NETFLIX Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) [1st Season Finale]
8:00 pm
CBS The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards
9:00 pm
HBO Allen v. Farrow [1st Season Finale]

Monday, March 15, 2021
12:01 am
HULU ABC News Special: Gamestopped
3:01 am
NETFLIX Abla Fahita: Drama Queen [Series Premiere]

Falsely incriminated, Abla Fahita is separated from her kids, but the self-indulgent diva will stop at nothing to redeem herself and reunite her family. Click Here for More Information.

ACORN TV Bloodlands: Episode 1 [Series Premiere]

In the gripping thriller Bloodlands from Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty, Bodyguard), veteran detective Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt) connects a criminal’s car pulled from the sea to a notorious series of disappearances-including his own wife’s 20 years earlier. Brannick begins an obsessive campaign to unmask a possible assassin, code-named Goliath, in a case that evokes Northern Ireland’s dark past. Click Here for More Information.

AMC+ Doctor Who: Fury From The Deep [Series Premiere / Animated]

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Victoria and Jamie to the coast of England, where the ESGO complex is drawing up natural gas from the North Sea. But the Doctor is convinced he can hear something in the pipes, a heartbeat, something – alive? Click Here for More Information.

NETFLIX The Lost Pirate Kingdom [Series Premiere]

The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world’s riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series. Click Here for More Information.

NETFLIX Zero Chill [Series Premiere]

Talented teen figure skater Kayla is forced to leave everything behind when her family follows her twin brother, Mac, to a prestigious hockey academy. Click Here for More Information.

7:00 pm
DISNEY XD Ducktales: The Last Adventure! [90-Minute Series Finale]
8:00 pm
THE CW Bulletproof: South Africa: Episode 1 [3rd Season Premiere]

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
12:01 am
HULU Staged: Season 2 [2nd Season Premiere]

10:00 pm
FX Mayans M.C.: Pap Struggles With the Death Angel / The Orneriness Of Kings [Two-Hour 3rd Season Premiere]

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
9:00 pm
CBS Special: A Grammy(r) Salute to the Sounds of Change [Two-Hour Special]
10:00 pm
PBS Europe’s New Wild: The Land of the Snow and Ice [1st Season Finale]
11:16 pm
SYFY The Pole: Saint Dick [Series Premiere]

After a scandal involving Saint Nick rocks the holly jolly foundations of the North Pole, all hell breaks loose as the future of Christmas turns into a twisted power struggle for the Red Suit. Click Here for More Information.


Thursday, March 18, 2021
12:01 am
HULU Trolls: Trollstopia [2nd Season Premiere]
3:01 am
NETFLIX B: The Beginning: [2nd Season Premiere]
AMC+ Back [2nd Season Premiere]
HBO MAX Zack Snyder’s Justice League [Movie]

Determined to ensure Superman’s sacrifice was not in vain, Batman and Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash to form an unprecedented league of heroes to save the planet from the catastrophic threat of Darkseid, Steppenwolf & DeSaad. Click Here for More Information.

NETFLIX Get The Goat [Movie]

Two hapless cops find themselves in over their heads as they cross paths with dangerous criminals while searching for Celestina, a beloved goat mascot. Click Here for More Information.

SHUDDER Koko-Di, Koko-Da [Movie]

As an unhappy couple (Leif Edlund, Operation Ragnarok, and Ylva Gallon, Corridor) embark on a camping trip to find their way back to each other, a sideshow artist (Danish rockstar Peter Belli) and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring them deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick. Click Here for More Information.

SHUDDER Slaxx [Movie]

A possessed pair of jeans is brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, Slaxx proceeds to wreak carnage on staff locked in overnight to set up the new collection. Starring Romane Denis (Slut in a Good Way), Brett Donahue (Private Eyes), Sehar Bhojani (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Stephen Bogaert (The Umbrella Academy). Click Here for More Information.

8:00 pm
FREEFORM Grown-Ish: Who Do You Love? [3rd Season Spring Finale]
9:30 pm
CBS The Unicorn Put Your Mask on First [2nd Season Finale]

Friday, March 19, 2021
12:01 am
APPLE TV+ Calls [Series Premiere]

“Calls” is a groundbreaking, immersive television experience based on the buzzy French series of the same name, masterfully using audio and minimal abstract visuals to tell nine bone-chilling, short-form stories. Directed by Fede Álvarez (“Don’t Breathe”), each episode follows a darkly dramatic mystery that unfolds through a series of seemingly average, unconnected phone conversations that quickly become surreal as the characters lives are thrown into growing disarray. Featuring Lily Collins, Rosario Dawson, Pedro Pascal, Aubrey Plaza and more, “Calls” proves that the real terror lies in one’s interpretation of what they cannot see on the screen and the unsettling places one’s imagination can take them. Click Here for More Information.

APPLE TV+ Servant [2nd Season Finale]
3:01 am
NETFLIX Alien TV [2nd Season Premiere / Family]
DISNEY+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier [Series Premiere]

Following the events of “Avengers: Endgame,” Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities—and their patience—in Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.” The all-new series is directed by Kari Skogland. Click Here for More Information.

NETFLIX Formula 1: Drive to Survive [3rd Season Premiere]
NETFLIX The Yin Yang Master [Movie]

A feud erupts between realms, and Yin Yang master Qing Ming teams up with disgraced guard Yuan Boya to vanquish a demonic threat as a conspiracy looms. Click Here for More Information.

8:00 pm
NICK Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Darkhouse [2nd Season Finale]
8:25 pm
DISNEY Sydney to the Max: Tearin’ Up My Room [3rd Season Premiere]

Saturday, March 20, 2021
10:30 pm
ADULT SWIM Final Space: … And Into the Fire [3rd Season Premiere]

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