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by Transmute Jun

World Beyond panel

An integral part of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) for many attendees is The Walking Dead, which has had a strong presence at the con for over a decade. That presence was upheld this year with a trio of SDCC @Home online panels for the three current series in the Walking Dead universe: Fear, World Beyond, and the original Walking Dead. Each panel was hosted by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead) and featured Walking Dead Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple, both of whom added a touch of Hall H to the events.

While each panel included cast and showrunners commenting on the characters within the individual shows, the big news that fans wanted to hear was when they could expect to see everyone on television once more. The Walking Dead will be first up, with Season 11 (its final season) beginning on August 22. Walking Dead: World Beyond will begin its second (and final) season on October 3, with Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 (not the final season) premiering on October 17. The second part (of three) of The Walking Dead is slated for airing in early 2022.

Fear panel

Fear will be focused on its characters dealing with the aftermath of nuclear apocalypse on top of the ongoing zombie apocalypse, and plotlines will focus around the trials and tribulations of this new, harsh environment. World Beyond will finish its two-year story arc, following the characters as they each interact with the Civic Republic Military (CRM). Since the CRM has also carried into the other two series, Gimple stated that World Beyond would fill in the ‘grout’ between shows, explaining many things that were not previously known to fans.

Walking Dead panel

The Walking Dead‘s Season 10C (extended season filmed during the height of COVID) focused on character mentalities and psyches. This will lead into Season 11, particularly the idea that the

people of Alexandria are exhausted and discouraged given all of the destruction they have seen. Yet they face a new threat in the Reapers, who followed Maggie and intend harm to anyone who stands in their way. Meanwhile, Eugene’s group will be interacting with the Commonwealth (as seen in the comic book series) and face their own potential enemies there.

Interestingly, many fans hypothesized that the character of Georgie (played by Jayne Atkinson) who appeared in Season 8 was actually Pamela Milton, leader of the Commonwealth, due to Georgie’s strong physical resemblance to the comic book character. However, Showrunner Angela Kang announced that Pamela Milton would be played by Lila Robbins in season 11, implying that Milton is a different character from Georgie. Of course, this could be a simple re-casting (it has been three years since fans have seen Georgie onscreen), but doubts have now been raised as to the merging of these two characters.

We here at FoCC are eagerly looking forward to the return of the Walking Dead universe.

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