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The New Team TARDIS

The BBC and the creative team behind the Doctor Who series have been notoriously secretive and careful for a long time when releasing new news, or rather a tease concerning about future of the series. 

Sunday’s Doctor Who virtual Comic-Con @ Home panel gave us a taste of things to come for the upcoming and highly anticipated 13th season. It featured showrunner Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gil, and the latest addition to “Team Tardis” John Bishop.

Bishop’s attendance also gave us not only a glimpse of the new Tardis team but a look into how well this will cast will get along. As fans of the series will recall, after the New year’s special, both Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Ryan (Tosin Cole) decided to end their adventures in the TARDIS for a seemly quieter life in Sheffield. However, based on their final conversation in the special, they may not be fully retired; they do plan to do their part to keep the Earth safe. Who knows, we may see one or both of them in the future? 

As for actor Bishop, he is a comedian by trade, thus I am not sure how serious his character (Dan) will be, but he brought the panel to life with his many stories about his experience with filming.

Chibnall was elusive with details about the upcoming season; however, we learned that Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) recorded a video discussing his excitement in joining the series as Vinder. 

We also learned from Whittaker that the upcoming season will be one continuous story with some guest stars popping up multiple times throughout the season. Thus, I can hardly wait to see who the guests will be! 

Gil mentioned that there will be classic Doctor Who monsters appearing throughout the season. As such, there is a lot of speculation as to which ones will appear. Outside of the Daleks and Cybermen, it could be anyone’s guess. It could be the Yetis, Autons, Robots of Death, Sea Devils, The Guardians, or maybe another renegade Time Lord such as Omega since fans have been curious about the Timeless Child bombshell from last season. Interesting enough, there was no mention of a return of Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor, but I would not be surprised if she pops up eventually. The character has too much popularity to be left out.

The cast later were asked to describe season 13 in one word. Whittaker’s went with ‘mysterious,’ which resonated with the me as a fan, especially with Timeless Child bombshell last season. To add to the excitement, Chibnall’s response of ‘swarm’ defiantly means there is some impending danger for Team TARDIS coming their way. It wouldn’t be a Doctor Who season if we didn’t have any peril for our main heroes.

Sadly, there was no season premiere date announcement, but fans (like myself) are hopeful the series will premiere in the fall or winter of 2021.

Lastly, there was one additional little treat and headscratcher for fans. Taking a cue from Whittaker’s ‘mystery’ hint, keen-eyed fans noticed a clue to an online “treasure hunt” embedded within the trailer (shared below). The link to a website can be found by clicking here, and a password must be found and entered afterwards. Fans can also follow the conversation and collaborate on Twitter using the hashtag #FindtheDoctor. So, good luck!

Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming season:

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