Celebrate 60th Anniversary of the Fantastic Four With John Romita Jr. Marvelous Return

By Scott C.

To celebrate a milestone, Marvel Comics is going all out in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Fantastic Four, with issue #35 hitting comic book shops everywhere on September 1st. Writer Dan Slott is being joined by artist John Romita Jr., who is back with Marvel after leaving the publisher for DC Comics in 2013. 

Now, not only did the artist draw a story within the issue, but he also drew a wraparound cover (shown on the right). It will serve as a teaser for the story that will have Kang the Conqueror. Yes, a familiar name for those who have been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe lately.

“I was lucky to begin my career with Marvel and now am extremely lucky to re-connect with Marvel,” Romita Jr. said about his return to the publisher. “I sincerely thank all the folks up at Marvel and Disney who worked for this fortunate re-connection to happen.” 

As for Fantastic Four #35, the artist said that “It is an honor and extreme privilege to be asked to work on this along with a friend and former collaborator, Dan Slott! Along with ink artist JP Mayer, I am looking forward to this being up for viewing in August!” Do note that Mark Waid, Jason Loo, and Paul Renaud are also helping out with the anniversary comic book.

In an official press release, Marvel Comics said that the cover will serve as a way to celebrate, to highlight the Fantastic Four’s past and that the company can hardly wait for others to read Fantastic Four #35. 

Overall, Marvel’s First Family has had many memorable stories throughout their remarkable comic book run. Perhaps another fantastic story may be in stored for us all this September 1st. Yet seeing Romita Jr. back with Marvel Comics, and personally enjoying his artwork of Spider-Man back in the day, his return only makes this anniversary celebration even better.

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