Dragon Con Announces New Safety Protocols for 2021

By Miclpea

Dragon Con (September 2-6, 2021), in a move mirrored by other venues and events, will require that everyone who attends Dragon Con in person must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test (taken within 72 hours of arrival) before entering the convention or picking up their badges.  Dragon Con has implemented these new guidelines in response to the Delta variant, which is causing more COVID-19 cases worldwide, including “breakthrough” infections of vaccinated individuals.

Dragon Con’s latest safety announcement is in addition to a series of health and safety protocols that were announced on August 1. Those earlier safety protocols include a requirement that all attendees wear a mask while inside a convention venue and a 50 percent reduction in the number of memberships that will be sold for this year’s convention. Dragon Con is estimating that the 2021 attendance will be around 40,000 people, compared to the 85,000 who attended in 2019.

An additional safety measure (for the first time this year) will be that only badge-holding Dragon Con members will be allowed to watch this year’s Dragon Con Parade from the parade route.  Instead, Dragon Con is encouraging non-attendees to stay home and watch the parade on CW69 or YouTube.

For the fans who may not be comfortable attending a live convention, Dragon Con is offering Dragon Con Goes Virtual. This is a live-streamed version of the convention with convention coverage as well as exclusive pre-recorded content and highlights from past conventions that fans can enjoy from the comfort of their own home, in the company of close friends and family.  A Dragon Con Goes Virtual subscription is $10.

As we grow closer to Dragon Con in September, fans need to be aware that we are living in a changing landscape. Dragon Con, like many other events and venues, is changing to meet this new and challenging environment. Please remember to check with the conventions for their latest safety protocols.

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