CCSE Badge Sale Goes Smoothly

by Transmute Jun

Comic Con Special Edition (CCSE) will be held November 26-28, 2021. Badges went on sale at 11 am Pacific time on Saturday, September 25. The process was somewhat different from the most recent San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) badge sales in Fall 2019. This was partly due to Comic Con International (CCI) using a new vendor, Configio.

Attendees had waiting room links that all looked the same, but were actually embedded with a tracking number. Only links clicked from emails or from a Member ID account got through to the buying screen; anyone who had a generic link was prompted to login to a Member ID account to ‘validate’ once they reached the buying screen.

Additionally, there was no blue spinning circle, which was strangely sad for many. Instead, the blue circle was replaced with the green ‘walking man’, who will be familiar to those who have participated in the SDCC hotel lotteries in the past.

Another change was the limited time frame. Once attendees reached the buying screen, there were only 5 minutes to validate up to 3 member IDs for badge purchase. Fortunately this reset (back to 5 minutes) once attendees got into the actual purchase page, but it still felt tight, given the 15 minutes fans used to have under the old system.

Yet the most unexpected change was an estimated wait time. Attendees were told in the waiting room approximately how long it would be before they reached the buying screen. This was both helpful and stressful, depending upon which time your waiting room gave.

After all of this, badges were still available at noon Pacific time, more than 1 hour into the sale, so CCSE was not an immediate sell-out. As CCI makes more announcements about the show, this may change, so grab your badges now if you are interested in attending!

Are you planning on attending CCSE? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums!

Transmute Jun

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