FoCC Reactor: Gearing Up For The Return Of G4 TV


This week is a great week for gaming and fandom fans alike with the EPIC return of G4 TV to television. The channel is returning on November 16th after a seven-year hiatus, with a roster of hosts and programming that should attract previous viewers and new ones to the launch. The return of this network should help fill a void in regular programming on all things gaming and fandom-related, which is often not reported in traditional news. Basically, where else would fans be able to get the full rundown of the E3 presentations, game reviews, and SDCC coverage from the exhibit hall floor on TV besides surfing the internet?

As such, the upcoming programming will feature a few classics such as Attack of the Show, Xplay, Ninja Warrior (yes, the Japanese version), as well as a few new entries, including Boosted, ESL Gaming, and Invitation to Play. Of course, all of this will be broadcast from a new studio in Southern California.

Over the past year, the impressive lineup came together like a sports club, that sees familiar faces back like Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler. Then we have new ones like esports personalities Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez (host of NBC’s Titan Games alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Ovilee May, and Froskurinn; WWE Superstar Xavier Woods AKA Austin Creed; Youtube personalities Kassem G, Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil, and Gina Darling; Popular Twitch streamers Fiona Nova, The Black Hokage, and Will Neff; and rising vStreamer CodeMiko.

Here is a rundown of each of the shows scheduled to be part of the launch (with more programming to come over time):

Attack of the Show!: The original geek culture variety show returns with host Kevin Pereira and a brand new cavalcade of misfits. Irreverent and unscripted, Attack of the Show! is a welcoming place for any fan who wants to spend a couple of hours laughing, watching epic stunts and hilarious sketches; and deep-diving into the latest trends on the internet. From hilarious web videos to memes, to streaming of all types, to celebrity guests, to the weirdest tech, Attack of the Show! is still the show that gets it before it gets out.

XplayXplay used an extra life! The ultimate video game review show returns as a digital-first content brand that balances authoritative loudmouth confidence with the absurdity of a public-access comedy sketch show, all while (somehow) maintaining enough credibility to book interviews with top industry luminaries. Xplay is expanding the conversation with insightful and irreverent explorations into every game worth your time: AAA, indie, mobile, VR, retro… it’s all on the table. Adam Sessler is back, joined by a group of hilarious experts, to bring a brutally honest voice to the modern gaming scene.

BoostedBoosted is a weekly esports comedy series for curious gamers and esports fanatics alike. Boosted is that moment in-game when you realize you’re the worst player in the lobby. We want to revel in the entry-level as we approach gaming and esports as interns guided by our executive-level experts. Boosted will cover the latest trends, news, and tournaments in the esports world every week.

 Ninja WarriorThe quest to summit Mt. Midoriyama returns as G4 attains the exclusive linear broadcasting rights to SASUKE, better known as Ninja Warrior in the United States, from Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS). G4 will air all 167 episodes of the legendary competition series that pits heroic athletes of all types from pro gymnasts, to fishermen, to comedians against a four-stage, formidable, and/or impossible obstacle course. G4 will also present three tournaments never-before-seen in the United States, SASUKE 35, 36, and 37.

 ESL Gaming: G4 has partnered with ESL Gaming, the world’s leading esports, and gaming lifestyle company, to produce and broadcast several prime-time esports programs, a first for ESL Gaming in the US and Canada. G4’s exclusive linear broadcast rights make it the premier destination for ESL Pro Tour events, including the IEM Katowice 2022.

Invitation to Party: Coming off the immense success of D&D Live 2021 featuring notable celebrities like Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Smith, and DrLupo, G4 will continue its partnership with Wizards of the Coast with an all-new, limited-run series to premiere on G4 this Fall. The series will follow four campaigns with a mix of G4 talent, veteran D&D players, and celebrities for a new generation of D&D fans.

G4 will be available through a variety of methods at launch, including Cable and Streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Check out the video below for more.

Of course, I cannot wait to see G4’s return, and I also look forward to seeing the team at many events such as San Diego Comic-Con and E3 in the future.

For more information on G4 TV check out their official site by clicking here. Please let us know what you think of this G4 news when visiting the FoCC forum. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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