Funko Exclusives at CCSE and ECCC

by Transmute Jun

Comic cons are returning, and two milestone events are coming back before the end of the year: Comic Con Special Edition (CCSE) on November 26-28, 2021 and Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) on December 2-5, 2021. Especially exciting is the news that Funko will have an exhibit floor presence at both cons and be offering exclusives.

At CCSE, Wristbands to access the Funko booth will be given away in Hall A every morning. Attendees will use Cubes of Deciding to determine whether or not they can access the booth, and be randomly assigned a wristband with a time. Fans who are not selected in this on-the-spot lottery are able to rejoin the line and try again until they receive a wristband or the timeslots are all taken.

At ECCC, attendees can enter an online lottery here, beginning on November 22. Winners of the lottery will be assigned a random timeslot to access the Funko booth and purchase exclusives. The lottery closes on November 28 and winners will be notified on December 1.

Are you excited for Funko exclusives at CCSE or ECCC? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums!

Transmute Jun

Transmute Jun has an addiction to pop culture conventions, and attends as many as she can each year. When she's not traveling, she likes to stay at home reading a good book, playing a video game, or binge-watching a TV show. She can be bribed with pizza, Coke Zero and Belgian milk chocolate.

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