Offsites at CCSE

by Transmute Jun

 When the panel lineup for Comic Con Special Edition (CCSE) was revealed, it became immediately clear that there was almost nothing in the way of studio panels (the exceptions being Destination Fear and La Brea, the latter of which held a virtual panel). As such, fans were not expecting to see any offsites at this event.

Fortunately, attendees were pleasantly surprised to discover three offsites during the show, all of which proved that while CCSE was a smaller experience, its spirit was in harmony with a full San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

The least-attended offsite was the unfortunately-located Tubi’s Freak Brothers. Placed on the lawn outside of the Hilton Bayfront (where FX has held its offsite in past SDCCs), during a ‘normal’ year there would have been plenty of foot traffic. However, at CCSE, only fans going to and from the Hilton Bayfront Hotel ever saw the offsite, and this caused attendance to be lackluster. Still, those who showed up were rewarded with posters, mints and a spot to sit and charge their mobile devices. 

  • The premiere offsite location of 5th and Harbor (next to the Tin Fish) is usually occupied by an NBC/Universal show, and CCSE was no different. La Brea proudly displayed its logo, offering unique photo ops to fans, and swag such as water bottles and chapsticks to help survive the con. Just behind La Brea was a tiny Resident Alien booth, where SyFy handed out tote bags to passersby.

However, the offsite that really had everyone talking was Peacemaker, held next to the Hilton Gaslamp hotel, in the spot normally occupied by the Walking Dead Deadquarters. Spinning off from his recent appearance in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker how has his own series coming to HBO Max in January. Attendees were invited into an obstacle course where they were handed automatic Nerf rifles and put through their paces, including dealing with a ‘hostage’ situation. Upon emerging from the course, fans were offered the ultimate in Comic Con swag: free food. Attendees were given a food item of their choice from the Peacemaker food truck and were permitted to return for more when they were done.

While the number of offsites were less than at SDCC, Tubi, NBC and HBO Max are to be commended for their efforts in bringing back a Comic Con feel to the Gaslamp and Convention Center area.

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