No Issues With the D23 Expo 2022 Ticket Sale

By Scott C.

This year’s D23 Expo by Disney and presented by Visa will be at the Anaheim Convention Center, and the dates are September 9th-11th. Tickets for the event went on sale at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Wednesday, January 19th, it was for Visa card users only. The following day (Thursday, January 20th) saw the ticket sale open to all at noon PT, with both days using a randomized online queue.

The waiting room for a chance to buy tickets did let fans know how many were ahead in line. Yet it is not needed now. The mad rush is long gone.

Once able to buy tickets, fans must log in to their D23 account on the first page, select the number of tickets and items (more on this later) one wants, and then type in the necessary information when prompted to while going through the expo’s rules. There was a timer of eight minutes located at the top right of my screen.

The hardest ticket to get was the new and very limited Hall D23 Preferred Seating ticket, which only lasted a few minutes after going on sale on Thursday at 12 p.m. PT. This ticket includes a 3-day ticket and (like the name states) preferred seating for the 7,000-seat Hall D23 for each presentation. The asking price was $899, the max to buy was two, and you had to be a Gold D23 Member to get this type of ticket. The sale also had its own online queue that wasn’t attached to the other general ticket sale. In my opinion, the process went smoothly after observing this one sale, but I’m sure a few elsewhere probably faced some kind of technical problem. Of course, you needed tons of luck to secure this limited ticket. (For more information about this type of ticket, click here.)

The sales on Wednesday (Visa presale) and Thursday (general) also went well, I believe. The demand for tickets looked high, too. For instance, general adult 3-day and Saturday tickets were sold out on day 2. This is not the norm when looking at past D23 ticket sales as 3-day tickets overall usually lasted longer until closer to the event. The last expo was in 2019.

But don’t worry, the other days of the expo are still available as of this writing, with the Gold Member discount section still showing tickets for all days. With Gold membership, 3-day costs $229 while a single day is $89. The max for discounted tickets is two (2), yet if you have the gold duo plan, the affiliate account user can purchase two more discounted tickets. Without the discount, 3-day is $279, and singles are $99. Child 3-day is $209, while the single days are $79. Children under three (3) years of age will get complimentary admission to D23 Expo overall. (For more information about these types of tickets, click here.)

You can also order limited D23 Expo items when buying your tickets. Sadly, the D23 Collector pin and select t-shirt sizes are gone right now. There is, however, a $99 Ultimate Fan Bundle that has every item and t-shirt sizes available still. To buy tickets and the D23 items, you can click here.

There you have it! I hope you got the tickets and items you wanted. Yet let’s hope the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t interfere with the upcoming September event.

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