Resident Alien and Astrid & Lily Take Over SYFY Wednesday Nights

by Transmute Jun

Resident Alien fans have been excited for months, and now season 2 of the hit show is here!  The series follows Harry Vanderspiegel (Alan Tudyk), an alien, as he attempts to blend in with human society. Season 2 premieres at 9:00 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, January 26 on SYFY.

Viewers will also be treated to a new series, Astrid & Lily Save the World, which premieres immediately following Resident Alien at 10:00 pm Eastern time (on Wednesday, January 26).  Astrid and Lily are misfit high school girls who accidentally crack open a portal to another dimension, and then must fight against the monsters they unknowingly released.

Both premieres will also be simulcast on USA. Watch the trailers for both shows:


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Transmute Jun

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