Next Two Weeks in TV 3/27: It’s Oscars Time, Moon Knight Debuts, The Walking Dead Finale, and More!

By Scott C. & DRWHO42 

This time around, we present you with a double dose of television coverage in one article as the blog will be busy covering WonderCon Anaheim this April 1st-3rd.

Last week saw the highly anticipated debut of Halo on Paramount+, which became the most-watched series in the first 24 hours, according to the streaming service. No extra information was shared, though. Regardless, let’s see if most viewers will continue watching the series as the season rolls along. A second season is coming if you did not know already.

Staying with the debut theme, Moon Knight on Disney+ is premiering on the morning of Wednesday, March 30th. The series is about a guy (Oscar Isaac) dealing with an identity disorder while having unique superpowers. He also must try to find peace in dealing with everything he’s going through while protecting the Earth from trouble. Based on what we have seen and heard, we highly recommend checking out this new show.

The third season finale of TNT’s Snowpiercer hits at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, March 28th. Thankfully, a fourth season is coming, but hopefully, we wont wait long for it.

On the morning of Thursday, March 31st, HBO Max’s Young Justice animated series is back (fourth season spring premiere). 

Looking ahead to the morning of April 3rd, that Sunday will see The Walking Dead show go on a spring break. Fans will be able to catch the finale on AMC+ before it airs a week later on AMC. 

A fan of Tony Hawk? If so, HBO has Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Come off documentary airing at 9 p.m. Eastern time. 

HBO Max on April 7th has another drama series debuting called Tokyo VICE. It follows Adelstein (Ansel Elgort) and his “Daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they seem.” It is based on Jake Adelstein’s “Non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.”

The Paramount+ series iCarly is back for a second season on the morning of April 8th (Thursday). Likewise, with Netflix’s animated family show Green Eggs and Ham.

As for awards season, going back to March 27th, it is Oscars day! It will be the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. Of course, the nominees can be viewed by simply clicking here. The event begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time and will be at the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood.

Finally, the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards airs on Saturday, April 9th, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. To know more about the event, you can click here

That is all for now! As always, do check out the listing below to see what else is airing soon. Also, please let us know what you will be watching when visiting the FoCC forum. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

DRWHO42’s picks:

New: Moon Knight.

On-going: Picard!!!!!, Halo, Black Crab, Killing Eve, The Walking Dead, Law and Order (OG Series), From, Raised by Wolves, The Equalizer, The Flash, Star Trek: Discovery, Batwoman, Ghosts, Young Sheldon, 9-1-1: Lone Star, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International

Binge / Re-watch: Jack Ryan, The Witcher (Finished and Re-Watching the Greatness).

Mario Wario’s picks:

New: Moon Knight.

On-going: Snowpiercer, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Picard, Halo.

Binge / Stack: [Nothing at the Moment]

Editor’s note: All times listed below are Eastern and nerd/geek interest are highlighted in AMBER.

Sunday, March 27, 2022
6:30 pm
ABC The Oscars Red Carpet Show
8:00 pm
ABC The 94th Annual Academy Awards
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles: Bonafides [New Episode on Special Time]
9:00 pm
THE CW March: We’re All We Need [1st Season Finale]

Monday, March 28, 2022
3:01 am
ACORN TV The Chelsea Detective: A Chelsea Education [1st Season Finale]
NETFLIX Thermae Romae Novae  [Series Premiere]

A proud bath architect in ancient Rome starts randomly surfacing in present-day Japan, where he’s inspired by the many bathing innovations he finds. Click here for more information.

9:00 pm
TNT Snowpiercer: The Original Sinners [3rd Season Finale]
10:00 pm
VICE Devoured: Great Hive Heist [1st Season Finale]

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
12:01 am
HULU The Girl From Plainville: Star-Crossed Lovers And Things Like That / Turtle / Never Have I Ever [Series Premiere]

“The Girl From Plainville” is inspired by the true story of Michelle Carter’s unprecedented “texting-suicide” case. Based on the Esquire article of the same name by Jesse Barron, the limited series explores Carter’s relationship with Conrad Roy III and the events that led to his death and, later, her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. Click here for more information.

HULU Promised Land [1st Season Finale]
3:01 am
NETFLIX Mighty Express [6th Season Premiere / Animated]
NETFLIX Mike Epps: Indiana Mike [Stand-Up]
9:00 pm
HBO How To Survive a Pandemic [Documentary]

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
3:00 am
AMC+ Nitram [Movie]

Nitram (Caleb Landry Jones) lives with his mother (Judy Davis) and father (Anthony LaPaglia) in suburban Australia in the Mid 1990s. He lives a life of isolation and frustration at never being able to fit in. That is until he unexpectedly finds a close friend in a reclusive heiress, Helen (Essie Davis). However, when that relationship meets a tragic end, and Nitram’s loneliness and anger grow, he begins a slow descent that leads to disaster. Click here for more information.

DISNEY+ Moon Knight [Series Premiere]

A former U.S. Marine, struggling with dissociative identity disorder, is granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god. But he soon finds out that these newfound powers can be both a blessing and a curse to his troubled life. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Feature Film Special: All Hail [Movie]

After failing to predict a destructive hailstorm, a famous meteorologist flees to his hometown and soon finds himself on a journey of self-discovery. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Wild Abandon [Series Premiere]

In the haze of a midlife crisis, an architect begins living a double life as a punk while members of his family lead their own crisis-ridden lives. Click here for more information.

9:00 pm
HBO When We Were Bullies [Documentary]

The film begins with a mind-boggling coincidence from 25 years ago, which ultimately leads filmmaker Rosenblatt to track down his fifth-grade class to see what they remember from a bullying incident that occurred 50 years ago. Click here for more information.

10:00 pm
SYFY Astrid & Lilly Save The World: Guts [1st Season Finale]

Thursday, March 31, 2022
12:00 am
HULU First Day [2nd Season Premiere]
3:01 am
PEACOCK Bel-Air [1st Season Finale]
PARAMOUNT+ The Fairly Oddparents: Fairly Odder [Series Premiere]

Cosmo and Wanda are back! An all-new live action Fairly OddParents series. Click here for more information.

HBO MAX Moonshot [Movie]

A woman goes after her boyfriend who has moved to Mars. Click here for more information.

HBO MAX Julia [Series Premiere]

JULIA is inspired by Julia Child’s extraordinary life and her long-running television series, “The French Chef,” which pioneered the modern cooking show. Through Julia’s life and her singular joie de vivre, the series explores a pivotal time in American history – the emergence of public television as a new social institution, feminism and the women’s movement, the nature of celebrity and America’s cultural evolution. At its heart, the series is a portrait of a loving marriage with a shifting power dynamic. Click here for more information.

SHUDDER Night’s End [Movie]

In Night’s End, an anxious shut-in unwittingly moves into a haunted apartment and hires a mysterious stranger to perform an exorcism which takes a horrific turn. Starring Geno Walker, Felonious Munk, Kate Arrington, and Michael Shannon. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Super Pupz [Series Premiere]

Four superpowered pups work as a pack to help their new kid pals — and a furry alien friend — in a cute and cuddly cosmic adventure! Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Thirty-Nine: Samseong-Dong, Hyochang-Dong and Gocheok-Dong [1st Season Finale]
HBO MAX Young Justice [4th Season Spring Premiere / Animated]
7:30 pm
NICK Warped!: Finished! [1st Season Finale]
8:00 pm
CBS Young Sheldon: A Solo Peanut, A Social Butterfly and the Truth [100th Episode]
9:30 pm
CBS How We Roll: Pilot [Series Premiere]

based on professional bowler Tom Smallwood’s life, stars Pete Holmes as Tom, a stoic Midwest husband and dad who gets laid off from a car assembly line and makes the extraordinary decision to provide for his family by following his dream of becoming a professional bowler. As a skilled player, Tom knows that in bowling you get two chances; no matter what you do with the first ball, you get another one to make it right—the ultimate second chance. Click here for more information.

11:00 pm
FXX Dicktown: The Mystery of Lance’s Lesson / The Mystery of The Decades-Old Mystery [1st Season Finale]

Friday, April 01, 2022
12:01 am
AMAZON The Boarding School: Las Cumbres [2nd Season Premiere]
APPLE TV+ Doug Unplugs: Part 2 [2nd Season Finale]
HULU Love Me [Series Premiere]

Explores modern love as experienced by different family members at different stages of life. Click here for more information.

AMAZON The Outlaws [Series Premiere]

From Emmy winner Stephen Merchant (The Office UK, Extras) and Elgin James (Mayans M.C.) comes THE OUTLAWS–a contemporary British comedy thriller about a disparate group of lawbreakers thrown together to complete a Community Service sentence. Seven strangers from different walks of life – people who would never normally interact – are forced to work together to renovate a derelict community center. They resent the menial physical labour and they resent each other. But when one of their number gets dragged into a dangerous world of organized crime, they unite in ways none of them thought possible. Click here for more information.

APPLE TV+ Slow Horses [Series Premiere]

Follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 due to their career-ending mistakes. Led by their brilliant but irascible leader, the notorious Jackson Lamb. Click here for more information.

3:01 am
DISNEY+ Better Nate Than Ever [Movie]

Thirteen-year-old Nate Foster has big Broadway dreams. There’s only one problem — he can’t even land a part in the school play. But when his parents leave town, Nate and his best friend Libby sneak off to the Big Apple for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove everyone wrong. A chance encounter with Nate’s long-lost Aunt Heidi turns his journey upside-down, and together they must learn that life’s greatest adventures are only as big as your dreams. Based on the award-winning novel. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX The Last Bus [Series Premiere]

After embarking on a life-changing field trip, a group of whip-smart students fight to save humanity from an army of ruthless drones. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood [Movie]

A man narrates stories of his life as a 10-year-old boy in 1969 Houston, weaving tales of nostalgia with a fantastical account of a journey to the moon. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Battle: Freestyle [Movie]

Amalie is elated when her and Mikael’s dance crew is selected to compete in Paris, but becomes distracted when she reunites with her estranged mother. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Captain Nova [Movie]

A fighter pilot from a desolate future unexpectedly transforms into her younger self while traveling back in time on a mission to avert global disaster. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX The Bubble [Movie]

Sneaking out. Hooking up. Melting down. The cast and crew of a blockbuster action franchise attempt to shoot a sequel while quarantining at a posh hotel. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Trivia Quest [Series Premiere / Animated]

History, art, science, pop culture and more — quiz yourself across varying levels of difficulty in this interactive trivia series. Click here for more information.

Saturday, April 02, 2022
8:00 pm
CBS Whitney, A Look Back [Special]
9:00 pm
HISTORY Pawn Star$: Viva Pawn Vegas [19th Season Spring Premiere]
THE CW World’s Funniest Animals: Episode 216 [2nd Season Finale]

Sunday, April 03, 2022
3:00 am
NETFLIX Forecasting Love and Weather [1st Season Finale]
NETFLIX Twenty Five Twenty One: Episode 16 [1st Season Finale]
AMC+ The Walking Dead [11th Season Spring Finale]
8:00 pm
CBS The 64th Annual Grammy Awards

Monday, April 04, 2022
12:01 am
HULU/PEACOCK Madagascar: A Little Wild [7th Season Premiere / Animated]
3:01 am
SPECTRUM Long Slow Exhale [Series Premiere]

Set in the high-stakes world of women’s college basketball, LONG SLOW EXHALE stars Rose Rollins, Josh Lucas and Ian Harding. The drama follows J.C. Abernathy (Rollins), a successful Head Coach of a competitive women’s college basketball team who finds herself in the middle of a potentially career shattering sexual abuse scandal. As she tries to find the truth among the many secrets she uncovers, she has to make hard decisions that will affect her, her family and the team of female athletes who all rely on her. Click here for more information.

11:30 pm
TBS Chad: Season 2 Sneak Peek

Tuesday, April 05, 2022
12:01 am
HULU/PEACOCK Croods: Family Tree [2nd Season Premiere / Animated]

Following the events in the feature film THE CROODS: A NEW AGE, two very different families join forces to create a new community, an us-against-the-world, cave person co-op on the most amazing farm in the history of prehistory! Click here for more information.

3:01 am
NETFLIX Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy [Stand-Up]
8:00 pm
PBS Benjamin Franklin: An American (1775-1790) [1st Season Finale]
9:00 pm
HBO Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Come off [Documentary]

Wednesday, April 06, 2022
12:01 am
HULU The Hardy Boys [2nd Season Premiere]
3:01 am
NETFLIX Green Mothers’ Club [Series Premiere]

Five moms in a competitive grade school community keep their enemies close, and one another closer, as envy and secrets tangle and unravel their lives. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX The Marked Heart [Series Premiere]

A man hell-bent on exacting revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife becomes involved with the woman who received her heart. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Furioza [Movie]

A policewoman makes her ex-boyfriend an offer he can’t refuse: Either he infiltrates and informs on a gang of hooligans, or his brother goes to jail. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear! [Stand-Up]

Thursday, April 07, 2022
12:01 am
HULU The Dropout: Lizzy [1st Season Finale]
3:01 am
HBO MAX Close Enough [3rd Season Premiere / Animated]
SHUDDER Cursed Films [2nd Season Premiere]
SHUDDER See For Me [Movie]

A blind young woman caught in the crossfire of a home invasion scheme must rely on an Army veteran via an app to survive in this shocking cat-and-mouse thriller. Click here for more information.

HBO MAX Tokyo VICE [Series Premiere]

Based on Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat, the drama series captures Adelstein’s (played by Ansel Elgort) daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they seem. Click here for more information.

Friday, April 08, 2022
12:01 am
AMAZON All The Old Knives [Movie]

A modern-day espionage thriller that follows Henry (Chris Pine) as he investigates Celia (Thandiwe Newton), a past flame from their days as CIA intelligence officers in Vienna, who is now under suspicion of having been a double agent. Using flashbacks to weave together multiple timelines, All the Old Knives peels back the layers of their past romance and exposes the truth behind a devastating terrorist attack they were unable to stop. Click here for more information.

APPLE TV+ Central Park [2nd Season Finale]
APPLE TV+ The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey [1st Season Finale]
APPLE TV+ Pinecone & Pony [Series Premiere / Animated]

Based on Kate Beaton’s children’s picture book “The Princess and the Pony,” Pinecone & Pony is an adventure led by two independent warriors who are fearlessly themselves. Click here for more information.

APPLE TV+ Severance [1st Season Finale]
HULU Woke [2nd Season Premiere]
3:01 am
NETFLIX Dirty Lines [Series Premiere]

In 1980s Amsterdam, an enterprising college student stumbles into a new career at a phone sex line started by two wildly different brothers. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Elite [5th Season Premiere]
NETFLIX Green Eggs and Ham [2nd Season Premiere / Animated]
PARAMOUNT+ iCarly [2nd Season Premiere]
NETFLIX Dancing On Glass [Movie]

When pressure threatens a ballerina in a new lead role, she and an outcast dancer create their own world, free from others’ expectations. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Metal Lords [Movie]

For teenage misfits Hunter and Kevin, the path to glory is clear: Devote themselves to metal. Win Battle of the Bands. And be worshipped like gods. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Yaksha: Ruthless Operations [Movie]

On assignment in a perilous city to inspect a Black Ops team and its notorious leader, an upstanding prosecutor steps into a deadly war between spies. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Tiger & Bunny [2nd Season Premiere]
11:00 pm
HBO A Black Lady Sketch Show [3rd Season Premiere]

Saturday, April 09, 2022
3:01 am
NETFLIX My Liberation Notes [Series Premiere]

Three siblings, exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day adulthood, seek to find fulfillment and freedom from their unremarkable lives. Click here for more information.

7:30 pm
NICK The 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

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