FoCC Reactor: Titanic 666 – Strange Things are Afoot

By Jason Delgado 

Who else thought that all of the death and destruction behind the real-life disaster of the world famous Titanic would make for a fun horror flick? The makers behind Tubi’s Titanic 666, that’s who! Some of the cast and crew were nice enough to sit down with me at WonderCon 2022 for a delightful interview.

The story of Titanic 666 revolves around the Titanic III, a replica of the original ship that is taking sail one hundred and ten years after its namesake’s doomed maiden voyage. The ship is loaded with the most advanced technology to “ensure safe passage” to influencers such as Mia, played by the lovely actress AnnaLynn McCord of 90210 fame, historical enthusiasts (which McCord is in real-life, being obsessed with the Titanic and even becoming an actress because of the James Cameron flick), and excited travelers. Little do they all know that they’re in store for a new nightmare, because of a stowaway who channels dark forces at sea. Ghosts come out to play when the Titanic III halts directly over the surface of the original ocean gravesite, wreaking havoc on the crew and passengers.

Titanic 666 was shot aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the entire world, which I can attest to, having spent part of my honeymoon there. My wife and I took the haunted tour at midnight, where they take guests to the spookiest locations on the ship. Many people in real life have died in various, horrible ways on the Queen Mary, and there is definitely a strange and heavy feeling that I felt at certain locations onboard.

Nick Lyon (Isle of the Dead) director of Titanic 666, said of the Queen Mary, “Oh yeah, it’s haunted.” He stated that strange things would happen, such as when they were filming in the middle of the ballroom, and out of nowhere, the camera tipped over all by itself. Lyon also spoke of the famous ship having a “curse of communication.” People get easily confused onboard, and the director has spoken to numerous people on different film sets aboard the Queen Mary, who had experienced the same thing.

According to Lyon, the most startling revelation  was that “There are two ghosts who walk in through the frame, and I was like, did we put them there?” Lyon said that it sounds hokey, but he didn’t know who those people were. They were dressed in period clothing, and every time that he watches that shot, he’s puzzled as to how they got there.

I asked the aforementioned AnnaLynn McCord and actor Joseph Gatt (Game of Thrones), who plays the character of Brian in the movie, “if they felt like the Queen Mary was haunted.” McCord corrected me by saying, “Was? Or is? It’s definitely haunted.” 

Gatt had a story of his own about the ship. During filming, he took a little detour to an area that was supposed to be off limits to the cast and crew. Gatt had done some research, and found that one of the cabins was supposedly “one of the most haunted places on the planet.” He crossed over the yellow tape, and had to go down a long, dark, and spooky corridor to make it to the cabin. The lights got dimmer and dimmer as he slowly went down. He finally got to the end, and found that this cabin is the only one on the boat that has no number. The door was already open. “The room was empty, but it was very not empty,” Joseph said. Gatt revealed that he felt as if he was pushing past things and people inside. Joseph Gatt is a big, muscular man, but I could tell that this had been a truly frightening experience for him.

Are all of these strange stories part of the supernatural, or just a spooky coincidence? You be the judge! Stream Titanic 666, starting April 15th, on Tubi!


Jason Delgado

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