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SDCC 2022: Join the Fun Before The Con!

By Miclpea

Everyone, this is just a quick pictorial tour so that you can join in the fun of San Diego Comic Con!!! First take a look at the incredible Spider Man exhibit before you take a look at the work that goes into making San Diego Comic Con happen!


San Diego Comic Con Museum

The Spider Man Exhibit was simple awesome!!

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Around The Con

Here are some behind the photos of the activations being set up as well some of the fantastic pictures on the side of the buildings in the Gaslamp area of San Diego! Also, check out the work behind the convention center as the workers load pallets of merchandise for the exhibitors on the convention floor.

This is only a hint of what is currently brewing for San Diego Comic Con 2022. This year promises to remind all attendees why SDCC is the premiere con of the world!

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