Chucky Returns for Season 2

by Transmute Jun 

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Chucky, Season 1.

Fans of Chucky (the homicidal doll starring in the Child’s play series of horror films) were thrilled last year when their favorite slasher was featured in a new eponymous television program. Chucky, which airs on both USA and Syfy, was an instant hit, and returns  this fall for Season 2.

The story of the television series begins when fourteen-year old Jake Wheeler purchases Chucky at a garage sale, intending to use its parts for a sculpture he is creating. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for Jake to discover that Chucky is alive, and the vicious doll begins to leave a trail of corpses in his wake. By the end of the season, Chucky had realized his goal of manifesting himself inside of dozens of other Good Guy dolls. He was set to have himself distributed across the country, to go on an unprecedented homicidal killing spree. Of course, his plans were thwarted somewhat by Jake (and his friends Devon and Lexy) and his ex-wife Tiffany, who is currently on the downside of her on-again-off-again relationship with Chucky. Season 2 begins as Chucky plans revenge on the three teenagers and his former lover, to make them pay for their attempts to stop him. 

At the end of Season 1, the three main characters of Jake, Devon and Lexy were separated, and despite some time passing off-screen, they are still apart at the beginning of Season 2. Each of them has had to deal with their traumatic experiences on their own, and none of them are the better for it. Lexy has turned to drugs, unable to cope with her reality, feeling that there is no one who loves her. Devon is desperately trying to connect with Jake, and regain their closeness, yet Jake is shutting him out. Jake is emotionally isolating himself because deep down, he feels that everything terrible that happened in Season 1 is his fault. After all, he is the one who brought Chucky into their lives. Of course, they do meet up again, and will have to overcome their despair and guilt in order to deal with what’s coming in Season 2.

And what is coming in Season 2? At the very least, multiple Chuckys. Brad Dourif will once again voice the role of the titular doll, and has created new ‘personalities’ for the varying incarnations of Chucky that will appear in this upcoming season.

One other Easter egg fans can expect this season is the return of Devon Sawa, who played brothers Logan and Lucas Wheeler in Season 1 (fathers of Jake and Junior). Sawa is coming back in Season 2 to play a priest at a Catholic school. There is no word yet on whether or not this character is related to the Wheelers, but in the Chucky-verse, it feels like anything is possible. In the meantime, look for Chucky to cause havoc at the school.

Fans of Chucky are eagerly looking forward to the return of the show, which will happen on Wednesday, October 5 on USA and Syfy. Are you eager for Chucky’s return? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums! 

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