FoCC Review: TWD Episode 1120 – Whats Been Lost

by Transmute Jun

Warning: this review contains multiple spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 20.

This episode picked up where the last episode began; with the rounding up of the former Alexandrians. We saw that it wasn’t just the people involved who were being singled out, but all of them, even the children. Governor Milton isn’t taking any chances, and wants every possible threat gone.

Lance Hornsby’s rapid fall from grace is telling. When we first met Lance, he was in control, manipulating people for his own ends and grabbing power, much as the Commonwealth was doing with other communities. Then he began to run into resistance to his plans, but used military might to enforce his will as long as he could. Then he was set up to take the fall for Sebastian, and the corruption of the Commonwealth was exposed. In his prison cell, he was out for survival, desperately trying to grab at anyone and everything that could keep him safe, and when that didn’t work, he went just a little bit crazy, to the point that he felt the need to vandalize Sebastian’s body on the way out.

Lance grabbed at his last chance when escaping with Carol, attempting to get her support to take over the Commonwealth. When she did not immediately agree to help, he left her to the walkers. Yet Carol saw through him, and was not willing to follow along with his plan. Daryl and Carol gave Lance a chance to leave on his own, yet Lance said that he would not survive out there. The same is true of the Commonwealth. It will not survive on its own. Lance was right that the Commonwealth needs new leadership, but that new leadership needs to come from the people, and not a self-appointed bureaucrat.

Of course, now Lance is dead, as are all chances of the Commonwealth avoiding a revolution. Ironically, if Governor Milton had just let the Alexandrians escape, as the majority of them had wanted to do, then she would have had a better chance of holding on to her position.

Instead, the Alexandrians have been rounded up, yet Governor Milton still does not have control. Yumiko was ready to give in, but when she heard on the radios that some of her people were still free, she gained the will to fight. She decided to do so the best way she knew how: from within the system. By calling out her brother, and showing him to the people, Yumiko made it so that it will be noticed if Tomi disappears, thereby giving him a measure of protection. Governor Milton does not want the people to know that they are living in an authoritarian society, and Yumiko is banking on that to keep herself and her brother safe. While Yumiko failed to follow Milton’s goon and was unable to find her people, she was able to make a stand in her own way. She has knowingly left it to the free Alexandrians to help the others.

And it looks like Daryl and Carol might well be able to do that. Carol was able to free everyone from Terminus singlehandedly. With Daryl at her side, they could certainly do the same for the captured Alexandrians. However, they are looking for a train, when it appears that their people have been taken away by bus. We may see next week whether Daryl and Carol are able to pick up the trail.

This episode definitely moved the Commonwealth plotline along, and it seems to be headed for a reckoning in short order. My guess is that Eugene might not even make it to trial, given the speed at which things might happen. Next week, we will see what has happened to the captured Alexandrians, and whether or not Daryl and Carol are able to break them free.

I had a couple of nitpicks about this episode. First, Lance had an ankle monitor. If it worked in the prison, why wouldn’t the Commonwealth soldiers have used it to track him in the woods? That might have been a much better ‘excuse’ for Daryl and Carol to abandon him. Second, why did Carol leave her arrow in Lance’s neck? She has a limited supply of arrows. Even more, when Walker Lance inevitably stumbles into a Commonwealth patrol, they will see the arrow and know that Carol killed him. Wouldn’t it have been better for Daryl and Carol to have left things more of a mystery, in an attempt to hide their tracks? This may well come back to haunt them next episode.

For those who play the AMC Walking Dead mobile games, this week’s Walking Dead: No Man’s Land season mission features Daryl and Carol searching the Commonwealth prison for Lance.

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