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Next Week in TV 3/12: An Award Winning Week Ahead!

By DRWHO42 & Scott C.

The week ahead on television is filled with excitement, glitz, glamour, and more.

Sunday evening is the annual celebration of excellence in filmmaking, the 95th Academy Awards is back, and there is a lot to look forward to and celebrate. Everything Everywhere All at Once is grabbing a lot of attention as the top nominated film and the nominations for Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, and the “comeback kid” Ke Huy Quan. Other notables include Angela Bassett for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Austin Butler for Elvis, Brendan Fraser for The Whale, German film All Quiet on the Western Front, and the blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick for Best Picture. Host, Jimmy Kimmel, will lead the proceedings, and we wish all the nominees good luck.

Over on HBO, the highly popular video game adaptation, The Last of Us, wraps up its first season. While gamers who have played the games have an idea of what will happen next, we are expecting a few surprises and hints along the way still for the second season. Lastly, the cold war set A Spy Among Friends, starring Damian Lewis (HomelandBand of Brothers) and Guy Pierce (Mare of Easttown), is not to be missed, due to superb storytelling.

Tuesday night is reserved for heroes, with the 3rd season premiere of Superman & Lois, followed by the series premiere of Gotham Knights on The CW.

Wednesday, Jason Sudeikis returns as our favorite soccer coach, Ted Lasso, for a third and final season on Apple+. Also on the same day is the premiere of the Australian series, Class of ’07, starring Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, American Gods). The series is set at a 10-year class reunion when a tidal wave strikes and strands the group.

Shadow and Bone returns for its second season to the delight of fans who have been anxiously (and patiently) waiting for up to two years. This upcoming season will find Alina and her friends embarking on a hunt for three mystical relics which be used to counter the power General Kirigan has gained after the first season. Over the next season, there will be new lands explored and additions to the cast including Lewis Tan (Mortal Combat).

To round out the week, the animated series Agent Elvis arrives on Netflix Friday. The series takes an unusual approach to the musical legend by turning him into a secret agent. Matthew McConaughey voices Elvis and is joined by several notables, including Simon Pegg, Gary Cole, Kaitlin Olsen, Niecy Nash, Fred Armisen, Don Cheadle, Priscilla Presley, Craig Robinson, Ed Helms, and Christina Hendricks.

In television news, the biggest news comes from Disney Plus as Daredevil: Born Again ramps up for filming. Jon Bernthal, meanwhile, is confirmed publicly that Frank Castle will return to the series, to the delight of Punisher fans everywhere. Fans are anxiously waiting for news of the re-emergence of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and Mike Colter’s Luke Cage for this series or as a stand-alone series. Thus, only time will tell.

As always, we recommend seeing the listing below to see what else is airing soon, and to learn more about the shows already discussed above. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

DRWHO42’s picks:

New: shadow and Bone, Class of ’07, Gotham Knights, Superman and Lois
On-going: Picard!!!!!, Carnival Row, The Ark, Accused, Poker Face, The Last of Us, Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, Alert: Missing Persons Unit, Hunters, Jack Ryan, Doom Patrol, Wednesday, 1899, Warrior Nun, The Crown, Titans, Manifest, La Brea, FBI, 9-1-1, Law and Order: Organized Crime, The Mandalorian, The Blacklist, True Lies.
Binge / Re-watch: The FBIs, Jack Ryan, The Witcher, Lost in Space, Strike Back (Finished and Re-Watching the Greatness).

Mario Wario’s picks:

New: Gotham Knight.
On-going: Last of Us, The Flash, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Picard.
Binge / Stack: [Nothing at the Moment]

Editor’s note: All times listed below are Eastern and nerd/geek interest are highlighted in AMBER.

Sunday, March 12, 2023
8:00 pm
ABC The Oscars
9:00 pm
HBO The Last Of Us [1st Season Finale]
10:00 pm
MGM+ A Spy Among Friends: Boom-Ooh-Yatatatah [Series Premiere]

Based on the New York Times best-selling book written by Ben Macintyre, the six-episode series dramatizes the true story of Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, two British spies and lifelong friends. Philby was the most notorious British defector and Soviet double agent in history. This is a story of intimate duplicity, loyalty, trust, and treachery. Philby’s deeply personal betrayal, uncovered at the height of the Cold War, resulted in the gutting of British and American Intelligence. Click here for more information.

Monday, March 13, 2023
3:01 am
ACORN TV Count Arthur Strong [Special]
ACORN TV Faking Hitler [Special]

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
7:00 pm
DISNEY+ DISNEY NHL Big City Greens Classic
8:00 pm
THE CW Superman & Lois: Closer [3rd Season Premiere]
9:00 pm
THE CW Gotham Knights: Pilot [Series Premiere]

When Batman falls, who will rise? Click here for more information.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
12:01 am
APPLE TV+ Stillwater: New Shorts [Special]
APPLE TV+ Ted Lasso [3rd Season Premiere]
3:01 am
DISNEY+ Turning The Tables With Robin Roberts [2nd Season Premiere]

Thursday, March 16, 2023
3:01 am
NETFLIX Still Time [Special Presentation]
NETFLIX Shadow and Bone [2nd Season Premiere]

Friday, March 17, 2023
12:01 am
AMAZON Angel Flight [Special]
AMAZON Carnival Row [Series Finale]
AMAZON Class Of ’07 [Series Premiere]

School reunions can be hell, but they’re not the end of the world… except this time. Click here for more information.

AMAZON Dom [2nd Season Premiere]
APPLE TV+ Extrapolations [Series Premiere]

“Extrapolations” is a bracing drama from writer, director and executive producer Scott Z. Burns that introduces a near future where the chaotic effects of climate change have become embedded into our everyday lives. Eight interwoven stories about love, work, faith and family from across the globe will explore the intimate, life-altering choices that must be made when the planet is changing faster than the population. Every story is different, but the fight for our future is universal. And when the fate of humanity is up against a ticking clock, the battle between courage and complacency has never been more urgent. Are we brave enough to become the solution to our own undoing before it’s too late? Click here for more information.

HULU Boston Strangler [Movie]

A true-crime thriller about the reporters, Loretta Mclaughlin and Jean Cole, who broke the story of the Boston Strangler murders. As the killer claims more victims, the two pursue the investigation, putting their own lives at risk to uncover the truth. Click here for more information.

APPLE TV+ Servant [Series Finale]
AMAZON Sin Huellas [Series Premiere]

Two socially marginalized women end up as suspects of a murder whose crime scene they had just cleaned up. Click here for more information.

AMAZON Swarm [Series Premiere]

A young woman’s obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn. Click here for more information.

3:01 am
NETFLIX Agent Elvis [Series Premiere / Animated]

In this adult animated comedy, Elvis trades his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret spy program to stop villains from destroying the world. Click here for more information.

DISNEY+ Bono & The Edge: A Sort Of Homecoming, With Dave Letterman [Special]
NETFLIX The Magician’s Elephant [Animated Movie]

A determined boy accepts a king’s challenge to perform three impossible tasks in exchange for a magical elephant — and the chance to chase his destiny. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX In His Shadow [Movie]

After the death of their father, two half-brothers find themselves on opposite sides of an escalating conflict with tragic consequences. Click here for more information.

NETFLIX Sky High: The Series [Series Premiere]

When her husband dies, Sole decides that the best way to take care of her son is to become a crime boss — even if that means being her father’s enemy. Click here for more information.

8:03 pm
STARZ BMF: New Beginnings [2nd Season Finale]
9:00 pm
STARZ Power Book II: Ghost: Your Perception, Your Reality [3rd Season Premiere on Special Time]

Saturday, March 18, 2023
9:00 pm
THE CW World’s Funniest Animals [3rd Season Finale]

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