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SiliCon 2023 Canceled

by Transmute Jun

SiliCon (formerly known as Silicon Valley Comic Con) was scheduled to be held October 14-15, 2023. Unfortunately, organizers have announced that the event has been cancelled. No specific reason was given for cancelation, however the announcement of the closure stated, ‘As you are likely aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant disruption to public gatherings and events, and we have seen a slow return to normalcy, we continue to face challenges and uncertainties. The economic impact has been severe, and many individuals and businesses continue to face financial hardships.’

This move is a surprise to attendees, especially as no information was given as to holding the event in 2024. The FAQ at the end of the announcement included the following.

Q: Will SiliCon return in the future?A: We are exploring all options and will keep you notified regarding the details of future events.

While all cons are making a slow recovery post-COVID, SiliCon also suffered due to its significant shift in focus, away from a pop culture/comic convention toward a Maker con, as noted during the 2022 show. It is possible that this shift also caused a reduction in attendance, as many who had enjoyed the con in prior years were not as interested in a Maker-style event.

All badge purchases for 2023 will be refunded.

Were you planning to attend SiliCon 2023? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums.

Transmute Jun

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