Holidays 2023

by Transmute Jun

It is hard to believe how quickly this year has ended. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that FoCC Blog was covering New York Comic Con (NYCC), yet now there are only a handful of days left in the year. Here at FoCC Blog, we are embracing the season and looking forward to 2024 (and all of the cons that come with it).

The past year was one where we had hoped that things would be ‘back to normal’, and to some extent they were, but rampant inflation and the unexpected (and lengthy) SAG-AFTRA strike caused big ripples in the pond of pop culture conventions. Still, one thing that fans have in common is optimism. We have hope for the future and we are looking forward to the holidays, and to next year.

We all have wishes for the season, and FoCC Blog staff are hoping to find these gifts from their Christmas lists ‘under their trees’.

  • An expansion of the ‘reservation’ system for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) offsites. These reservations made offsites easier to plan and access for many attendees in 2023.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for avoiding sore feet at cons.
  • The new Doctor Who sonic screwdriver.
  • The return of the classic anime Gatchaman on the big or small screen (a comic book series from Mad Cave is already in the works).
  • The Expanse Season 6 Blu-ray.

Of course, the season is not just about receiving. The FoCC Blog staff also have plans and goals for the new year.

  • We want to better manage a work/life balance, rather than rushing and stressing all of the time.
  • We hope to attend new conventions in 2024, to experience new ways for celebrating our fandoms.
  • We plan to travel to new cities and places, to experience new cultures.
  • We want to get in better shape (one staff member is even planning to run marathons for the first time in 2024).

Ultimately, we want to have a warm and happy holiday season surrounded by our families and friends, and we hope to keep those good feelings going in the new year.

We are incredibly grateful for all of our readers, especially those who are a part of the FoCC community. Happy holidays!


Transmute Jun

Transmute Jun has an addiction to pop culture conventions, and attends as many as she can each year. When she's not traveling, she likes to stay at home reading a good book, playing a video game, or binge-watching a TV show. She can be bribed with pizza, Coke Zero and Belgian milk chocolate.