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Resident Alien: Get Ready for Season 3!

by Transmute Jun

Warning: This article contains spoilers though Resident Alien Season 2.

Harry Vanderspiegel

Fans of Resident Alien (the SYFY program based on the Dark Horse comic book series of the same name) are eagerly looking forward to Season 3, which will premiere February 14 on SYFY at 10 pm Eastern. The series follows Harry Vanderspiegel (played by Alan Tudyk), an alien who has come to think of Earth as his home, and is attempting to protect it from an invasion by the Grey Aliens. FoCC Blog had a chance to sit down with some of the cast of Resident Alien to discuss their characters and the happenings in Patience, Colorado (the fictional town where the series is based).

Ben Hawthorne

One of the big reveals at the end of Season 2 was that both Ben and Kate have been abducted by aliens, and that Kate’s baby (when she thought she was pregnant in Season 2) was taken from her womb by the Greys. This thread is one of the main storylines of Season 3, with both Ben and Kate experiencing disturbing aftereffects from their ‘unremembered’ experiences. Yet are those ‘erased’ memories truly gone? Levi Fiehler (Ben Hawthorne) and Meredith Garretson (Kate Hawthorne) are not certain why there is so much alien activity in Patience, but they acknowledge that as a couple they have a lot of conflict, which is partially based on the stress of their alien experiences.

Kate Hawthorne

While they can drift apart as they deal with their own issues, the Hawthornes will come together when it is time to defend their family. In this, they are always on the same page. In the meantime, the Hawthornes are working hard to communicate with each other and deal with their life complications.

D’Arcy Bloom

Asta Twelvetrees (played by Sara Tomoko) and D’Arcy Bloom (played by Alice Wetterlund) are best friends. Their friendship had been troubled by Asta’s secret (that Harry is an alien), yet when D’Arcy learned the truth at the end of Season 2, this relieved a lot of strain on their relationship. Season 3 sees the pair relying on each other for support as they navigate the new threat to Earth brought on by the Grey Aliens. Tomoko and Wetterlund pull on personal experiences with childhood friends to bring that dynamic to their onscreen relationship.

Asta Twelvetrees and Harry

Asta will also grapple with her feelings for Harry in Season 3. Harry has always been the needy one between the two, yet now Asta finds herself filling those shoes more. Her relationship with Harry is dependent, although not sexual, yet they remain very close.

Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv

Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike Thompson) has a complicated, yet humorous, relationship with his deputy, Liv Baker (played by Elizabeth Bowen). The pair play off of each other, often with hilarious results. Reynolds revealed that often the pair will ad lib on camera, continuing their scenes longer and longer, each of them trying to get in the ‘last word’. He enjoys seeing which quips (both scripted and unscripted) end up on screen.

Mike considers himself to be ‘perfect’, yet secretly he is threatened when Liv outshines him, whether it be speedwalking, in practical matters, or investigating the strange crimes and occurrences around Patience. Liv also knows the people of Patience better than Mike (having grown up in the town), which makes Mike somewhat insecure. However, in Season 3 Mike will come to recognize that Liv has her own issues and insecurities, and respect her more as a result. Still, he is her boss, and refuses to let her ‘get ahead’ of him, even if that means demeaning Liv’s accomplishments.

Season 3 promises to be intriguing, suspenseful and hilarious as Harry and the citizens of Patience deal with the threat posed by the Grey Aliens, and the corresponding ‘interference’ by General McCallister (played by Linda Hamilton) and her secretive US military alien unit.

In addition to watching new episodes on SYFY, fans can look forward to the release of Resident Alien Seasons 1 and 2 (likely coming on February 13) on Netflix, perfect for refreshing or allowing new fans to catch up with the series.

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