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The Last Lumenian at WonderCon 2024

by Transmute Jun

There are many reasons why fans attend comic cons. Some come for the celebrities and studio panels. Some come for animated properties. Some come for cosplay, or gaming. And there are those who attend for the literary panels and the opportunity to meet book authors. While such authors may have a small booth on the Exhibit Floor, they never have a ‘magnet booth’, one that attendees line up to experience. That is, until now.

The Last Lumenian, a series of novels by S.G. Blaise, hosted a large, interactive booth at WonderCon 2024, of the kind normally reserved for movies or television series. Attendees were able to learn about the books’ plot by walking through a crashed space ship, interacting with both props and characters from the story. After their experience, fans could chat with the series’ author, get a free autographed copy of her first book, and take home other swag. Multiple times per day, professional cosplayers re-enacted scenes from the story, for everyone to enjoy. In a year where the Exhibit Floor had few mainstays, The Last Lumenian attracted a lot of attention, bringing something special to the Comic Con experience.

The Last Lumenian is a series that merges the fantasy and sci-fi genres, where two powerful Archgods are headed toward an Era War that will encompass seven galaxies. One of these Archgods seeks to destroy the final follower of his rival: a Princess who is the titular last Lumenian. The series follows this Princess as she seeks to avert the war that would destroy countless lives. 

FoCC Blog had a chance to speak with S.G. Blaise about her books, and her experience at WonderCon. Blaise has followed a nontraditional route in both publishing and promotion. She is self-published through Amazon, and began promoting her works at comic cons last year, including LA Comic Con, WonderCon, and San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). At a small table, Blaise was able to expose her work to attendees, and in doing so created numerous fans. Many of these fans now follow her to cons, and all were excited to see the significant expansion of her booth this year at WonderCon. 

Blaise is working on bringing her booth to SDCC, possibly as soon as this year. For more information on The Last Lumenian, check out Blaise’s website here.

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Transmute Jun

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