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FoCC Con Report: Boy Kills World Cast and Crew Interview at WonderCon 2024

By Jason Delgado 

Legendary director Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man) saw an extraordinary short action/comedy film called Boy Kills World by newcomer German director Moritz Mohr and was blown away. Raimi made the decision to be a mentor and producer for a feature-length version of the film. A star-studded cast joined the project after seeing the short themselves and noticing that Sam was involved. On Saturday, March 30, at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, I was lucky enough to interview some of this amazingly talented cast and crew.

Bill Skarsgård stars as Boy, who has made it his mission in life to exact revenge on Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen) for murdering his family, while leaving him deaf and mute. Boy is trained by a crazy shaman (Yayan Ruhian), who is also out for revenge against Hilda. Boy’s inner voice and the narrator of the film (H. Jon Benjamin) is from his character’s favorite video game, and Boy also sees visions of his deceased little sister. I think just reading the eccentricity of it all, it is understandable why Raimi would choose to be involved. 

My first question for Mohr and Raimi was, “How do you blend comedy with different genres so well?” Boy Kills World combines humor and action in a way that is rare, save for Raimi films such as Evil Dead 2, which is arguably the greatest horror/comedy of all-time. Mohr and Raimi agreed that the comedy element is vital because it is either hit or miss, no in-between, so you have to get that right. Mohr said there are always go-to’s that one can use, like slapstick humor or having the right cast. Raimi added that he noticed that Mohr is great at drawing inspiration from real-life events and people to exaggerate and bring the comedy out of those things.

I asked the two filmmakers about the martial arts films that they love, because Boy Kills World features some incredible hand-to-hand combat fight scenes (along with insane video game style/John Wick-like weapon action). Mohr said that he enjoys Jackie Chan’s Police Story 3 (aka Supercop), The Raid, Ong-Bak and Enter the Dragon. Sam Raimi replied that he is not familiar with those types of movies, but a recent film that he did really enjoy was the horror movie The Barbarian.

Actors Brett Gelman (Stranger Things), Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Isaiah Mustafa (It Chapter Two) all bring the funny big-time in this movie. I asked the guys, “How much of being funny is practice, and how much is natural?” Stand-up comedian Gelman said that it is a combination of the two, and that everyone fails. I also asked them if they had always wanted to be in an action movie, and they all said yes, but Sharlto playfully bragged that he has already been in a couple. I had to thank Copley for his unknowing part in it, but I actually had my first date with my wife almost fourteen years ago when we saw his A-Team movie. Hopefully more couples will fall in love during the intense Boy Kills World

I also had the opportunity to interview two of the female leads of the film: Famke Janssen and Jessica Rothe. I asked about the crazy, fun roles that they play and Janssen said that she did not want to repeat anything that she has done in the past. She played Hilda Van Der Koy as if she had a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Jessica said that June is a woman of few words, so it was a matter of figuring out how to carry her body and working with the stunt team to show a physical inner monologue and dialogue for the character to tell as much story as possible that way. She would focus on things like the subtlety of turning her helmet, while working with the entire team on how to tell the story, because Rothe is so used to using her face that not being able to do so was a unique and fun challenge.

I asked both ladies about what their fan interactions are like at these conventions, since they are both highly popular actresses. Famke said that she has done a bunch of the Cons because of the X-men movies, and that fans would get her autograph tattooed on them, or she would meet people with her face on their chest. She continued that it is a nice thing to see how meaningful the work is to the fans, because a lot of an actor’s work is in a vacuum on set. Jessica Rothe, visibly moved, said she feels touched, and that horror fans are the best fans. She feels so embraced by that community and the only reason that their films live on the way that they do is because of the fans. She continued, replying that it is such a gift and blessing that these stories get told again and again and again because of the love that comes from the community. Rothe hopes that Boy Kills World will be a new addition to the love and obsession of the fans.

Boy Kills World will release only in theaters on April 26th! Here is the trailer:


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Jason Delgado

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