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SDCC 2024 Hotel Lottery Date Announced

by Transmute Jun

It’s that time of year again, when terrified San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) attendees sit at their computers and wait for their turn in the queue. No not for badge sales, but for the hotel lottery (also known as Hotelpocalypse). Comic Con International (CCI) has announced that the 2024 SDCC lottery will take place on Wednesday, April 17.

The waiting room will open at 8:00 am Pacific time, and at 9:00 am, fans will be randomly sorted into a queue, where they will anxiously watch a little green line where a man walks across the screen (otherwise known as the Queue-It line position indicator). Once attendees reach the front of the line, they will be able to fill out a form requesting their preferred hotels.

Hotels will be allocated based on the time the form was accessed, not the time the form was submitted, so it is prudent to take enough time to ensure that everything is properly filled out. Attendees can request up to 12 hotels, in order of preference, as well as indicate what they would like to happen if none of their preferred hotels are available.

Unfortunately, this lottery is not as speedy as most fans would like. Results will be sent out on a few days after the lottery,ensuring a stressful weekend for most attendees.

Are you planning on participating in Hotelpocalypse? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums!


Transmute Jun

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