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Skybound Walking Dead Interactive Game Culminates at SDCC 2024

by Transmute Jun

SDCC Attendees have long enjoyed interactive Walking Dead activations at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).  However, this year Skybound is upping the ante, starting their SDCC activation in late May. The comics company has partnered with tech company Those Beyond to create a trilogy of interactive online games called The Walking Dead: Solve to Survive. Each game will lead participants through a series of cryptic puzzles.

The first game will be launched in late May, the second in June, and the third in July. These puzzles will culminate in activations at SDCC 2024 (to be held July 25-28). Participants will be able to chat with each other to solve clues as a group, and win prizes of limited edition merchandise.

All who participate in the game must be members of the Skybound Insiders program (free to sign up), which can be accessed here. Fans can sign up for early notification of the game’s release here. Watch the trailer for this exciting series of events!

Are you excited for The Walking Dead: Solve to Survive? Join the conversation on the FoCC forums!

Transmute Jun

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