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The last couple of years the exhbit floor has actually gotten better, probably more people off site or in panel lines
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There was a day this past year where the floor was freaky empty. I actually ran into Mario while walking around and I've never just randomly found someone like that before.

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The last couple of years the exhbit floor has actually gotten better, probably more people off site or in panel lines

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it's really fun running into folks you know....

i spent most of my time on the floor aside from a panel/lunch/foot break mid day.  I gotta agree with WhenNerdsAttack, to my mind, the new floor layout worked.  the center was jammed, around skybound/lego/marvel/dc.  I don't think they can do anything about that but moving the vid games to one end was brilliant.
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YOu know, neither of those was too terribly bad honestly.  I feel like Thursday morning last year was way worse.  But I did get there just as it opened.  I felt like I was being carried by the crowd for most of it.  I had no control of where I went.  Constantly being bumped into and no room to turn around.  I couldn't even take my backpack off my shoulders and get my water bottle out.  In these videos I see free space.  I have exactly 2 hours of experience on the exhibit hall floor, though.  Got in at opening on Thursday and then never went back.

I should add the two Saturdays were shot around 11am and the 2012 Preview Night was shot shortly after 6pm as doors just opened.  Actually, I remember the doors for 2012 Preview Night opened early at 5:40pm.
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Andrew, thanks so much for posting those videos. It actually eased my mind a lot - after going to Brisbane Supanova last year and experience the crush that was the exhibit areas I was kind of worried about how I would cope with the crowds at sdcc. I had to duck out from the crush several times to catch my breath and calm down. >_>

The picture below (not mine) is what it was like towards the later half of the day - in the morning there were no gaps at all, you just sort of shuffled along with the crowd and hoped you ended up where you wanted to be!

Also note the massive tin shed. -_- Yeah...not the best place for it. Only one part of the three sections was properly air conditioned haha.

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I hadn't gotten my badge code until yesterday when I checked my spam folder. Not sure why it was sent there but I probably should fix it
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