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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginYes and someone is responding. Here is that and my follow up (which I just sent)

"We will pass your feedback on to those who made such decisions.  We are sorry that we don't have a better answer for you.

Professional Registration

Yes, please do tell them. It is unfathomable that those of us that still had an open window to register, are just being swept under the rug. Not even given a chance to register for 2022 after all that has happened in the past 2 years?!

There cannot possibly be enough rollover when my 2020 badge was GUARANTEED:
Comic-Con 2020 Professional Badge Registration is Now Open! (11/8/2019)
"Remember, your badge allotment is guaranteed until professional badge registration closes on May 6, 2020, and will not be on a first-come, first-served basis! You do not need to register today; take your time and register at your earliest convenience."
Now these words are being used against us. I waited and the show got cancelled and now I'm being shut out because I followed your instructions.
I understand that whoever is responding to this is just fielding emails and whatnot and the responses are appreciated, but these sweeping decisions against Professionals is very difficult to understand.

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Everything good except that last sentence. Thanks though I am in your situation too.

If we registered for a complimentary individual Pro registration in 2020, did it just rollover to 2022?

The email back then said:
"If you would like to transfer your badges to Comic-Con 2021, no action is required from you at this time. Your badge and any guest badges that you registered will be automatically transferred to Comic-Con 2021 after July 1, 2020."

And what happens if we got a complimentary badge to November's Comic Con Special Edition?  Does that screw up the original SDCC 2020 process somehow?

Hope everyone's well!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI do find it interesting that they think most people will roll over and not have extras. I know several people that requested refunds, I wonder what happens to those badges.

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Here on FoCC, we did a poll and over 95% of people rolled over their badges twice. Granted, we are a subset of the attendee base, but it is so difficult to get a badge that I would assume that the overall rate is at least 90% rollovers.

Personally I love if they are not opening up cancellations just to give even a 5% increase in room with a few less people in the building.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginPersonally I love if they are not opening up cancellations just to give even a 5% increase in room with a few less people in the building.

--- End quote ---
It's definitely an unfortunate scenario.  I 100% understand the frustrations of the OP, and as a relatively new Pro who also was approved relatively late (I got my approval a week after the Returning Registration sale) I still was able to purchase a badge in Ret. Reg and when I bought Pro badge after-the-fact was quickly refunded.

I did recently read that CCI is offering some folks with children who aged-out from 'Child' to 'Junior' w/a May deadline; that might complicate the "sure, we'll throw in more badges into the mix" as CCI is trying to make things right for all the folks who already purchased badges.  Here's an article talking a little bit about that; this seemed to be a one-off situation, but it's plausible that CCI has likely sent out multiple similar emails (it also seems plausible that the number of impacted folks is small enough for CCI to just send out an email to those affected rather than a huge all-email that may confuse folks)


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