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When Will SDCC 2023 Returning Registration Be Held?

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Transmute Jun:
CCI has stated that returning registration (also known as pre-registration) will take place in September or October. Let's start taking bets as to when it will be!

October 1 would be incredibly inconvenient for me, so that's my guess.

I voted for October 15, but October 8 would be hysterical, as that is NYCC.  :)

I'm going with October 15th.

But it will probably be 9/24 or 10/8 as I'm traveling both of those days.

well, not on Oct 8th. That's NYCC & there's likely a bunch of cci folks attending ;)

worst day for me is Oct 1 so yeah, it's kinda a done deal it'll be then


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