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today only (i think)6.22.14
free on itunes, Warren Ellis' new book Trees
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I'm loving the concept altho i haven't read it yet 'cuz my dealer is an hr & a half away... yeah, i realize how that sounds
but i've always been spooked by Treebeard & his crew too

From BotCon

New TF series DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE by @Shane_McCarthy & @Guido_Guidi Cover by @markerguru & @jcburcham #BotCon2014

so i actually got to my comic store yesterday.  After not being there for over a month, i had a stack..not quite a foot but close to 8-10 inches.
after the normal pleasantries, the owner was very cool abt me putting a couple of books back i had changed my mind on to which i thanked him. We went on to chat abt how he ordered the comics for the store.  He said most stores take their subscription # & add a couple of books.  As a result the store don't take into account hot books, like Rocket Raccoon and have sold out of them.  In contrast he reads comics & orders what he likes. he pays attention to the market so had maybe just under a foot of rocket's in addition to two variants left.

i really appreciate the flexibility of being able to pick out books a couple of days before new comic day & still getting the 20% off everything

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Argh...I went to 3 LCSs here and couldn't grab a variant :(

i was amazed at how many my local store had...
it's worth the drive of an hr & a half

btw did folks hear
IDW Publishing ‏@IDWPublishing  44m
Our thoughts are with Bernie Wrightson, here's to a speedy recovery!

apparently he was taken to the hospital today

Oh crap, hope he gets better.


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