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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIt's a SDCC Batman #32 9.8 CGC SS by Greg and scott. Let the brainwashing into comics begin.

--- End quote ---

^^^^^^^  This is a prime example of the types of gifts everyone needs to be getting their favorite FoCCI global moderator.   :o

a while ago i got my first short box.  I've always had long boxes & dreaded moving those.  I gotta say, the short box is nice- i think i'll only get those in the future. 

they might even help with the alphabetizing....  yeah, over 4K books & it's a mess

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Short boxes are the way to go.  They are more sturdy in my opinion and easier to find places to store them.

For alphabetizing, marathon a TV show and sort away.

I put a few boards at the ends of each box so the books don't bend from the uneven inside and no finger dents in the books where the handles are.

I'm in the process of switching over to short boxes, and have to go though 12 long ones.  Going to *properly* inventory what I have...definitely longer than a weekend job :)

Yeah, I had to laught when Chris c wrote to binge watch a show.
I'd have to binge watch a super long show, like all 10 seasons of supernatural to my job done.  ;)
But that might say something abt my organizing skills!

Hey, how many short boxes per long box?  I was thinking it'd be nice to move out of the old long boxes too and it'd sure help the alphabetizing process. I've got at least 12 long boxes to sort. Wondering how many short boxes to order.

Also, and this is the biggest what to do with the complete crap books?  Do you keep them in your collection or seperate them? Cuz I could keep them in the long boxes....idk
I'm talking independent mid 90's crap


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