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As the title says... random ideas, thoughts or observations

Like I don’t think I’m going to be able to attend nycc this year. /sigh/
After the move to San Diego, the finances just are not there for a trip back east.

If so, I’ll have to live vicariously- who’s planing on going?

I'm going, as usual.  I got approved again for a Professionals badge.

I have to admit that because NYCC is my "home" con, I don't get as excited for it as I do going to San Diego.  I don't get a hotel and just take the LIRR from home every day.

So far, I've only put in for taking Thursday off from work.  That's the least crowded day and best day to explore the exhibition hall, IMO.  Whether I add Friday as a day off will depend on whether there are any "must see" panels that day.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
I'll be going, because the weird work circumstances that allowed me to attend in 2015 happened again. If you decide to go and need a roomie, Alyssa, you can stay with me.

We're going! Last year was our first time. It was a last minute decision to buy Thursday badges since those were still available, and then did touristy stuff the other days. Actually, we ended up chasing around that Westworld offsite a couple of mornings, haha. This year (after being rejected for Press again) we were able to plan ahead and get all 4 days. We're actually staying out in NJ to save money. $115/night vs $300/night really helps!

I'm going again this year and so far have only Friday and Saturday.  The two panels that always interest me are Marvel Netflix and Archer. 


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